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Elena Brower

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Elena Brower

Mama, teacher and author, Elena has studied yoga, meditation and healing with master teachers since 1997, teaching since 1999. Known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart, Elena offers classes and retreats globally. Her groundbreaking yoga workbook Art of Attention has been translated into six languages, and her second book Practice You is now a bestseller, being incorporated into teaching curricula worldwide, with students and teachers of all ages. She's the founder of Teach.yoga, a virtual home for teachers, and her meditation coursework and film, On Meditation, are devoted to cultivating meditation as our most natural daily habit. Elena has contributed to Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Well and Good NYC, Positively Positive, and more. For details, audio studies, writings and schedule, visit elenabrower.com and practiceyou.com.

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Recent classes
Build trust in your ability to conceive a new life or project with this grounding meditation. Settle into a comfortable seat, then use gentle breathing exercises to connect with your body. Consider all the people and places that nourish and nurture you, as you access a space of deep inner knowing. Close with a simple seated twist and forward fold, bowing to the knowledge that you can provide a home for this person or idea. Props Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
Tap into the subtle energy at your navel, the most fundamental power source in your body. This nourishing sequence is designed to strengthen your structure while creating space to move energy where you need it most. You'll explore standing pose variations, such as warrior II and side angle, open your hips with pigeon and baddha konasana, then bring your practice to a close with bridge and savasana. Discover how your navel center can be a place of both power and rest as you experience the strength of your subtle body.
Ease into the sweet softness of evening and prepare for a peaceful sleep. This breath-centered meditation will help you exhale the contents of your day and gently transition to the feminine energy of nighttime. You'll practice both ujjayi and alternate nostril breathing, to gradually quiet your interior space and summon a deeply restorative rest. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.

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