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Vinyasa Flow

Flowing postures linked together using breath.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term often employed to describe a broad range of yoga styles. Vinyasa can be decoded from its root words Nyasa denoting "to place" and vi denoting "in a special way." It symbolizes a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, where postures are linked together using breath.

Want to work your midsection but feel intimidated by most core strength classes? Then this is the class for you! This moderately intense practice will work your entire abdominal area throughout a balanced sequence that includes modified side plank and one-legged plank. You'll challenge yourself without feeling overwhelmed, and start to build sustainable strength in your center.
Pranify your practice and your life! To optimize prana, the primary pranavayu, focus on the nourishing breath of viloma 1 and your asanas will feel full and supported. Flow into sun salutations, warrior postures, dolphin and forearm balancing. Use your breath to support your movements, allowing prana to give you the vitality you need to move through a dynamic backbend sequence. Conclude with a balancing pranayana practice and savasana, leaving you feeling revitalized and present. Props Needed: A blanket and a block.
Immerse yourself in a liquid practice full of dynamic, flowing postures. See how moving with power and fluidity helps to build heat, mobility and integrated strength. Begin with a seated warmup for your shoulders, then move into tabletop leg lifts and rhythmic variations of plank and side plank. Flow through lunging surya namaskars, open your front body in camel, and get deep into your hips with lizard pose. Bring your class to a close by sinking into a long savasana.
Hit that snooze button one too many times? When you're crunched for time but need to wake up, this is the practice for you! Flow into surya C variations with forward folds and heart openers like wild thing to get your body moving. Walk away feeling alive, rejuvenated, and ready to take on your day.
Keep things free and easy with this fun, flowing class. Ride the wave of your breath through feel-good vinyasa flows with a little of everything, from warriors and heart openers to skandasana and handstand hops. Coast back down to your mat to relax into some simple stretches and twists, then let it all go in savasana. Props Suggested: A block.
Let's be honest, even the most dedicated practitioners sometimes only have a few minutes a day for practicing. This all-around, continuous flow is perfect when you're short on time and need a powerful punch. Not too challenging, but touches on many points that a familiar yogi will joyfully welcome. Starting with sun salutations, flow into poses like crescent, dhanurasana, headstand and krounchasana that stretch your legs and activate your core. A great go-to flow. Props Suggested: A strap.
This gentle practice incorporates balanced breathing techniques and grounding postures to refresh the body and mind. Begin seated with equal breathing and nadi shodhana, then stay low to the earth as you move through a sequence including half splits, a variety of plank variations, cobra and sphinx. Class will conclude with a stress-busting legs up the wall, so you can walk away feeling brand new. Props Needed: Wall space.
Awaken and move energy throughout your body with a strong, fast-paced flow. You'll warm up with surya A’s and B’s, then power through an energizing sequence featuring revolved half moon, visvamitrasana, bicycle crunches and tripod headstand. With arm balances and inversions woven throughout, you'll invigorate your body, get your circulation going, and leave your mat feeling completely recharged.
This lovely morning routine focuses on moving the spine in all directions, as you flow through poses with dance-like fluidity. Experience a gradual awakening as you activate your body’s systems for the day. Explore gorgeous variations of backbends like urdhva dhanurasana, settle into a long hold in paschimottanasana, then focus inward with a brief morning meditation to close.
Vinyasa yoga includes a lot of poses with the arms reaching overhead, but fully elevating the arms can trigger shoulder discomfort for many students. This practice eliminates any postures that elevate the arms beyond 90 degrees, while still being strong and dynamic. Jump right in with core work, flow through sun salutations, then challenge your strength with locust, boat and forearm planks. You’ll get the powerful flow you’re after while keeping shoulder tension at bay.
Top of the mornin' to ya, friends! Not feeling so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Fear not, this practice will get you there. Start your day right with this class geared to infuse you with energy and leave you ready to face your day with optimism! Feel good glow is the name of the game with tiny spurts of athletic movements and asanas that boost your heart rate to wake you up. Props Suggested: A block.
Not all roads lead to big backbends! Fire up your lower back through to your upper back with this flow that uses salabhasana and variations to activate your muscles. Prime your body with a supine warm-up before engaging your posterior chain while also lengthening in the process. Refine your upper back muscles and open up your chest with locust inspired poses, concluding with simple twists.

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