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Vinyasa Flow

Flowing postures linked together using breath.

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term often employed to describe a broad range of yoga styles. Vinyasa can be decoded from its root words Nyasa denoting "to place" and vi denoting "in a special way." It symbolizes a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, where postures are linked together using breath.

Give inversions a whirl with this flow centered around getting upside down. But no need to be an inversion master, this class encourages experimentation and play. You'll work your shoulders, core and legs, then get some air time with forearm stand and handstand. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
This expansive practice will open your shoulders and front body and encourage your core to support you in backbends. You'll begin with a delicious passive shoulder release using your blanket, to create a feeling of spaciousness you can carry with you as you flow. Move with graceful strength through a sequence including dwi pada viparita dandasana, urdhva dhanurasana, and bound extended side angle. You'll finish with supine twists and a relaxing guided savasana. Props Needed: A block and a blanket.
This focused flow is designed to strengthen and stabilize the muscles of your core. Begin by breathing into your belly in easy pose to prepare for a fiery sequence including side plank, yogic sit ups and tolasana (scale pose). Repeat this practice daily to boost your inner power and magnify your presence. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Go back to the classics with a full spectrum of traditional poses in a short amount of time. Get your body moving with surya namaskar A and B, then add activating glue and hamstring poses like variations of low lunge and crescent, building on this lunging series up to warrior II. You'll bring it back down with locust, pigeon and child's pose, then end your practice by taking a seat.
Much like fitting your own oxygen mask on a plane first before assisting others, this is an opportunity to focus on yourself, nourishing your body and heart through a contemplative flow. Explore what postures nourish you with this fluid sequence of strengthening standing poses, twists, forward bends and backbends. Move into asanas like pyramid, vasisthasana (side plank), locust and anahatasana to get back in tune with your own natural rhythms. Practice nurturing yourself first, and see how this permeates your interactions with others.
This unique class offers an opportunity to learn while you move! Explore four sets of asanas with a deeper myth or metaphor attached. You'll begin with sun salutations to hone your concentration, then flow slowly through each sequence, learning yoga philosophy along the way. Whether you've been looking to deepen your practice or just shake things up, this intelligent and creative flow is for you. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a bolster.
At times, it seems like life can get the best of you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, wound up, and stressed out. This sequence combines decompressing breathwork with a steady flow aimed at the tightest, most troublesome spots in your body. Expect shoulder, upper back, and deep hip releases that include twists, wild thing and legs up the wall. Conclude with savasana and a guided relaxation, allowing your inner calm to flow. Props Suggested: A strap.
Savor the quiet morning moments before your busy day creeps in. This rhythmic, consistent flow features less instruction, to allow you to drop in and focus on your breath. The sequence is steady, though not fast, and includes arm balances and an option for handstand. With minimal holds and more emphasis on transitions, you'll invigorate your body without disturbing your tranquility.
Ease your way into the day, moving from the quiet dark night into a bright mind and energized body. Get the pilot light burning bright for a vibrant and illuminated day. Begin slowly with a few hip openers before building heat through vinyasa and breath. Use lunges to open up your hips and legs, play with variations of warrior III for balance, then finish with seated postures before savasana.
Experience the sweetness of moving with love and devotion while on your moon cycle, or during a new or full moon. This warming, nourishing sequence will open your hips, sides, shoulders and neck, and soothe the energy of your endocrine system. Lull your mind into stillness with smooth, circular motions that are a balm for any stress or exhaustion. Props Needed: Two blankets.
The hip-opening quality of arm balances is often overlooked. This slow, deep flow includes plenty of hip-openers to prepare you to lift into four classic arm balances. Feel strong and move gracefully through this class that includes lolasana, bakasana, and eka pada koundinyasana I and II.
Your go-to sequence when you only have a short amount of time, but still want to sweat and get a full-spectrum practice in. Begin with pranayama to tune in, then flow into powerful leg movements, core work and arm burners that will get you flying high. Maximize your time with this fast-paced, challenging class. Props Needed: A block.

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