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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term often employed to describe a broad range of yoga styles. Vinyasa can be decoded from its root words Nyasa denoting "to place" and vi denoting "in a special way." It symbolizes a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, where postures are linked together using breath.

This all-around flow that emphasizes twists is designed to spend extra time releasing your spine, hips and shoulders, encouraging a feeling of better overall body balance. Warm up with surya namaskars, adding twisting poses and standing balance postures as you flow. Arm balancing, optional inversions and backbends round out your practice, before concluding with a well-earned savasana.
Practice Focus: Twists
2 60 Jason Crandell
An all-around flow that challenges, rejuvenates and restores your being. Engage your whole body as you begin with active sequencing that includes standing poses, balances and twists, linked together with vinyasa. Then come down and breathe into a sweet mix of backbends and deep hip openers. Open up and allow yourself to be in this moment, receptive to the grounding effects your practice brings you today.
2-3 75 Stephanie Snyder
Increase awareness and strength in your upper back, connecting your shoulders and arms to your deep core muscles, with this strong heart-opening practice designed to create beautiful posture. Practice a well-rounded flow that includes sun salutations, standing poses, twists and backbends, learning four dynamic variations for salabasana. These stabilizing and powerful backbends can help you discern how to open your upper chest without creating compression in your lower back. Props Needed: A blanket and a block.
Practice Focus: Back & Upper Back
1-2 45 Annie Carpenter
Five minutes is better than no minutes! If you can barely get out the door this morning, at least get your five minutes of yoga on. A short sweet practice full of lunges for a front body opening, standing forward folds to lengthen your spine and even a quick foot massage for rejuvenation before your day. Make this practice your go-to when time is not on your side.
Practice Focus: Morning
2 5 Amy Ippoliti
A juicy, mindful class that will call for you to flip, float and fly! This flow will leave your body feeling strong and fully utilized with playful variations of classic asanas. Focus on flipping and floating into poses like rock star, arm balances and strengthening warriors, calling for more muscle engagement and deeper concentration. Using the power of your body and breath, prepare to change perspectives with each shape that you create. Props Suggested: A block.
2 45 Sara Clark
Nothing feels better after a high intensity, interval training class than a) it being over, and b) a really great stretch! Give yourself the gift of a few well earned minutes to stretch out your worked-out body. Move through a sequence of poses that include anjaneyasana, skandasana, pigeon and side stretching to help build more flexibility in your warm muscles. Incorporate these commonplace, but vital, yoga poses to your regular exercise regime. Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Cross Train
1-2 10 Giselle Mari
All too often your day starts in a rush. Even in the fast paced events of your life, you might not be able to create more time, but how about changing your experience of time? Flow with a quick, energizing sequence of surya namaskars that progressively slow down into longer timed postures that include vasisthasana and ardha chandrasana. Practice this class daily and proceed through your day with a more measured pace.
2-3 20 Noah Maze
There is a beautiful, palpable energy that arises when focusing on your breath. This practice supports a flow of natural, unhurried breathing, but is challenging enough to satisfy your busy mind. Open seated in meditation, tuning inward with a unifying om. Sun salutations flow into a steady sequence of deep forward bends, side plank, twisting triangle, hip openers and backbends. Explore the subtleties of your breath and use it as an anchor for greater awareness. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Breath
2 90 Jo Tastula
How often have you regretted your words, not spoken up, or held your tongue? These qualities of the Fifth Chakra are balanced in this class so you can stand in your own truth and be authentic in your actions. Move through an alignment based flow of postures that include circular movements to free up your neck, jaw and upper back, to experience truth and honesty in your body and life.
Practice Focus: Chakras
2 60 Claire Missingham
Longing to play around in handstand? Wondering what to do when you’re up there chillin’ and you have five more breaths before your teacher says to move on? Prep for handstand and play with a series of inversions and leg shapes with this practice. Move into splits, helicopter, jack knife, scorpion and baddha konasana variations. A great class if your handstand practice has a solid foundation and you're looking for a challenge. Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Inversions
3 30 Taylor Harkness
Explore how many ways you can twist and bind in order to create more fluidity and energy within. The postures on offer will help to massage the internal organs and support detoxification in the body. Use forward folds and other non-twisting asanas to clear the slate between twists. Focus on opening your shoulders and challenging traditional postures with a little twist. Cool down with seated twists like bharadvajasana and a forward fold before savasana. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.
Practice Focus: Twists & Detox
2-3 45 Claudine Lafond
This flow class will focus on deep abdominal engagement that creates body loving compression. Work with forward folds and unique core sequences that help build strength and also support deep muscle release. This is a great prep class to help strengthen the muscles needed for a seamless press handstand. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap.
Practice Focus: Core Strength & Abs
2-3 45 Chelsey Korus

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