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Deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit, using props.

This is the application of Yoga practice using props and postures held for longer periods of time to initiate deep relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Slow Restorative Yoga is beneficial to balance a more active practice or decompress after a stressful day.

More than just a sweet physical release, hip openers can cause a profound energetic and emotional unfettering. This class has a deep focus on freeing up your hips, which in turn will create ease in your psoas, quads, groin and low back. Enjoy long, slow holds of child's pose, half frog, seated hip openers and supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle). Your practice includes a lot of supportive props, but you can also use any pillows, blankets or towels you have around to help you feel cozy and grounded. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and four blankets.
The days when you're short on time are often when you need to chill out the most. Take a deep dive into tranquility with a few restful postures that let gravity do all the work. Close your eyes and sink into supported versions of bridge and child's pose, then allow an effortless savasana to transport you to a deeply relaxed state. It's amazing what a difference twenty blissful minutes can make. Props Needed: A bolster and two blocks. Props Suggested: A blanket.
When you're feeling tightly wound, loosen up your body where you need it most. This slow flow will unravel tension in your hips and spine with long holds and steady breathing. You'll release your neck, sides and back, then get deep into the hips with lizard pose, low lunges and pigeon. Relax into variations of bound angle and padangusthasana, before fully letting go in savasana.
Fight fatigue when you've had a poor night's sleep with this restorative morning practice. The day doesn't stop after a night of tossing and turning, but this class can help you get your energy back. Gently reinvigorate your sleepy body and mind with restful, supported variations of downward dog and wide-legged forward bend, followed by a long and rejuvenating supported bridge. Props Needed: Two bolsters and a block. Props Suggested: A blanket and an eye cover, towel or bag.
When you take stress off your body and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, your body rights itself. This short, restorative sequence is perfect before bed or anytime you anticipate a stressful circumstance. Bound angle pose, a twist and a yummy supported savasana are in your near future. Props Needed: Two blankets, two blocks and a bolster.
Take a brief break in your day to give your shoulders and chest some love, so you can walk away feeling taller and more free. You'll begin seated with a shoulder swirls using a strap, then come onto your belly for a nice long stretch on each side. All you need is a few minutes to relax deeply and continue your day with an open heart. Props Needed: A strap. Props Suggested: A blanket.
For those times when you just need to chill. Calm your central nervous system by melting into a series of supported reclined postures, like supta baddha konasana. You'll fully unwind in a short amount of time, and feel like you hit the reset button. Props Needed: A bolster. Props Suggested: A blanket.
You're in for a real treat! This restorative sequence will ease you into bed, and help you stay asleep through the night. Get out all your blankets for this one. You'll start with legs up the wall, then end in a cozy savasana. Props Needed: Wall space, a bolster or two blankets, two hand towels and a block. Props suggested: Three or four blankets.
Sometimes allowing yourself to do nothing is the greatest self-care practice. This class is focused on rest and rejuvenation, so your body has a chance to slow down and recalibrate. Surrender into a supported child's pose, then melt into supine side openers and comfy twists. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and two blankets.
This mellow, flowing class is designed to leave you feeling unwound and at peace. Full of easy vinyasa sequences and gentle stretches, you'll open your inner thighs, hips, side body and chest. Allow each relaxing posture and quieting movement to calm your mind and soothe your nerves.
Allow long, restful stretches to carry you straight into bed! Begin to find release through pelvic openers with gentle rocking motions, then move on to a tranquil series of passive postures done lying down and supported by a blanket. Let any sighs or yawns come through as you slow down your body and invite the sensation of sleepiness. Props Needed: A blanket.
Here's a go-to sequence for when you feel your stress is high and energy is low. Restorative backbends are fabulous for grounding your mind (head is below heart) and keeping you calm and focused. Move incrementally from very moderate heart openers to full supported bridge pose. This class will leave you feeling super refreshed. Props Needed: Two blocks, two blankets, a strap and a bolster.

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