As your body blossoms throughout your pregnancy, it’s natural to experience some growing pains. This program aims to ease common discomforts and imbalances that can occur in your back, so you’re better able to enjoy this precious time. You’ll move up the spine, class by class, using movement, breath, and self-massage to gently release tension and tightness. These self-care tools can be used throughout all three trimesters to support a healthy, happy pregnancy and back.
Level 1-2

3 Classes

Classes are 30 min
Level 1-2
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Week 1

Start from the bottom by giving a little love to your lower back, an area that is experiencing so much dynamic change. Use slow, intuitive movement to bring energy to your whole lower body, adding in a little self-massage along the way. Flow in gentle circles to open up the hips, legs and lumbar spine, exploring lunges, pelvic stabilizers and triangle with lots of support from your props. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Melt away tension in your mid back, and make more space to accommodate your growing baby. Begin to wake up the thoracic spine with spinal rolls and light twists, then feel the full strength of your heart throughout a fluid dancing warrior sequence. Encourage a gentle opening with supported backbends like cobra and camel, then conclude with self-massage and savasana with your bolster. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and a blanket.
Complete your journey up the spine with a little TLC for your upper back. This divine class also includes plenty of sweetness for your arms, shoulders, neck and jaw. Enjoy a deep release with strap-assisted shoulder stretches, surrender into supported forward folds, and relax into a dreamy supported pigeon. Spontaneous moments of self-love will be woven throughout in the form of simple, yet blissful massage techniques you can make use of any time. Props Needed: Two blocks, a strap, a bolster and a blanket.
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