Travel beyond conceptions of wakefulness and sleep to discover your identity at the innermost level. Yoga nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation that is practiced entirely while lying in savasana. This program will take you on a journey through the five layers of your being, gradually increasing in depth and duration each week, before culminating in a final, full-length practice. You'll gain insight into your true, essential self, while enjoying benefits such as stress reduction, deep rest and greater well-being.
Level 1

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Level 1
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Week 1

Begin your journey at your densest layer, the annamaya kosha, your physical being. Lie comfortably in savasana for a slow, guided body scan, noticing each sensation rise and fall as you gradually relax your entire body. Experience a deep sense of peace pervading every cell, and enter a state of ultimate awareness. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Go deeper to experience the pranayama kosha, the animating force behind all your body's systems. Return your awareness to your sensations during another guided body scan. During this meditation you'll pay special attention to your prana (chi or vital energy), which is closely related to your breath. Visualize your whole body lit up with white light, then continue your day feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. Props Suggested: A blanket.

Week 2

Continue your journey by exploring the manomaya kosha, which corresponds to your thoughts, feelings and senses. Deeply relax your body, then focus on your breathing as you prepare to dive into the next subtle layer. You'll rest and restore your mind by imagining your thoughts are clouds in the sky, and allowing them to drift by without responding or reacting. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Venture further to the vijnanamaya kosha, which encompasses your intellect, intuition and will. Begin with a 61-point body scan with visualized alternate nostril breathing, then journey beneath the constant stream of your thoughts. You'll experience your own higher intelligence and inner knowing, and gain a deeper insight into the essence of who you are. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.

Week 3

Journey to your subtlest body, the anandamaya kosha, the experience of bliss. This final layer represents your highest self, a space of expansive freedom and joy. Move progressively through each kosha, then complete your journey in the cave of your heart. Feel the warm glow of love that spontaneously resides in this place, and find a connection to your true essential self. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Practice a full yoga nidra that includes choosing a sankalpa, a statement that reminds you of your authentic nature. Travel through each kosha in a guided visualization, then use your sankalpa to experience the fullness of who you are. All five layers of your being are interdependent and interconnected, so caring for each one is crucial for total well-being. You can return to these practices regularly to encourage a healthy and balanced life. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
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