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Mindful Awareness of Continuous Change

Vinyasa Flow with Jo Tastula
Level 2 60 mins
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Mindfulness is a spacious inclusive awareness of what ever is arising. As everything that is arising is continuously changing, the art of the practice is to stay aware of each passing part without getting stuck in it. A continuous flow is a great way to practice this meditation as movement. There are a lot of deep forward bends which both lengthen the muscles in the back of the body, but also calm the nervous system and mind. Sun salutations (surya namaskara A) which have lots of standing forward bend (uttanasana) also wide legged forward bend (prasarita padottanasana) pyramid pose (parsvottanasana). Balance poses tree (vrksasana) eagle (garudasana) warrior 3 (virabhadrasana). Deep lunge (anjanyasana) dolphin and free time at the end of practice for your own inversions or backbends. Nice guided savasana. Blessings!

Jo Tastula

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