Marc is a Hatha yoga teacher from Los Angeles who currently calls Paris his home. While the foundational structure of his classes is primarily based in the Anusara method (he was certified in Anusara in 2006 ), he also integrates other styles that have influenced him on his yogic path: the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Iyengar, and his deep love for meditation.

Marc skillfully weaves themes through his class so that each student experiences a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the Heart.

In 2007 he created Guerilla Yogi, a donation-based class that ensures that students of all economic circumstances can experience the joy of yoga. When he is not in Paris, he teaches worldwide either live or via the many classes that are streamed through the internet on Yogaglo.

Several years ago, Marc underwent open-heart surgery. This literal and metaphorical heart-opening experience deepened his belief that life, and specifically yoga, should be practiced with fullness, deep gratitude, and laughter.

Marc bows in gratitude to the extraordinary souls who have guided him on his journey ~ most notably his dear meditation and philosophy teacher Dr. Paul Muller Ortega.

Recent classes

Abhaya is fearlessness in Sanskrit. One legged poses can sometimes trigger a fear response because our solid foundation becomes compromised as we move into asymmetry. We will cultivate a quality of steadfastness as we dive into hammies and inner thigh muscles, ground through our foundations and work a series of one leg poses. Expect standing poses, side plank and a back bend. After this practice, with feet firmly planted, you will meet any challenge with a renewed sense of courage. Props Needed: One Strap. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Hamstrings

Level 2 45 min

We up the ante by holding 60 minutes worth of poses for 60 seconds each. Through this challenging embodied practice we will unpack Patanjali's definition of Abhyasa (regular, consistent practice over time) and Vairagya (detachment). All classes of poses are included and you will build strength, focus and self awareness while learning how to let go. Starts wtih a prayer and ample cool down time is built into the end of class as well as pranayama and meditation.
Practice Focus:

Level 23 60 min

Here is your quick go to if you don't have ample time to take a longer eye break. Soothing practices to relieve and rejuvenate those tired eyes and keep them in working order for years to come. If you work up close, (reading and computer) then these eye asanas will help compensate for the over development of the muscles you use to look at near objects.
Practice Focus: Workplace & Eyes

Level 12 5 min

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