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Jodi Blumstein has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1994, and has a profound connection to the practice. After studying under the world's premiere instructors (including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois), she founded Priya Yoga, Chicago's first Ashtanga/vinyasa yoga school, and served as their director for eight years.

Jodi holds a space for students that is solid and reverent, while maintaining a level of levity, play, and humor. She is a teacher's teacher, and yet each student feels her precise attention, especially as they are at pivotal points in their practice. She encourages students to explore their edges both on and off the mat, and facilitates transformation in both arenas.

Jodi lives in Los Angeles, where she has been running the Mysore program for YogaWorks at the Center for Yoga since 2004. She also hosts exclusive Ashtanga retreats at her home, led by some of the worlds premier Ashtanga teachers.

Connect with Jodi at www.jodiblumstein.com or on Facebook at Jodi Blumstein Yoga.

Recent classes

In Ashtanga yoga, we work consistently with Drishti or precise gazing point. Flow through a modified half primary series practice that will clearly specify the drishti in each asana. In the first few minutes, the 9 different drishti points are explained. Then, warm up with several rounds of surya namaskara A and B followed by traditional standing postures, core, backbends and finishing poses.
Practice Focus: Eyes

Level 2 45 min
Reorient your pigeon in a way that will have you go a little bit deeper more quickly, so that your hips can wake up. Begin with a few sun salutations to warm up your body and hips, including crescent pose and anjaneyasana. Followed by a detailed discussion on pigeon pose as we practice it. Finish with a brief yoga mudrasana and savasana on your own.
Practice Focus: Hip Opener & Hips

Level 2 15 min
The Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga is called Nadi Shodona, which means nerve cleansing practice. Includes the entire intermediate series, with no modifications. An advanced practice for students of Ashtanga Yoga. Begin with sun salutations and the traditional standing postures of Ashtanga, then move into three main sequences. The first takes you into deep back bends, the second counteracts the backbends with deep forward bends. The end of intermediate is strength building.

Level 3 90 min

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