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Mama, teacher and author, Elena has studied yoga, meditation and healing with master teachers since 1997, and has been teaching since 1999. Known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart, Elena offers weekly asana and meditation classes in New York City as well as international trainings and retreats. Elena's groundbreaking yoga workbook, Art of Attention, has been translated into 5 languages. She's the founder of teach.yoga, a virtual home for teachers worldwide, and her meditation coursework and first film, On Meditation, are devoted to cultivating meditation as our most healing daily habit. For details, audio studies, writings and schedule, visit elenabrower.com and artofattention.com.

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Lean away from your screen for an efficiency break. Helpful for your legs, spine, arms, wrists, lungs, eyes and softening your mind. Stand, fold, stretch and practice some energy medicine to rest your whole being and to send you back to work feeling refreshed.
Practice Focus: Workplace

Level 2 5 min
A full-spectrum practice to remind you of your personal power. Use postures like virasana with eagle arms, lunges, and full or half wheel variations to articulate your boundaries, reveal more strength and evolve your vision for yourself and for the world. Strengthen your arms, articulate your legs, open your hips, and become aware of what works structurally to maximize your practice. Props Needed: A block.
Practice Focus:

Level 2 90 min
During the days just prior to and during your cycle, you have a chance to learn a lot about what touches you and what shakes you. A short, potent practice helps you slow, strengthen and support during this time. Explore and release using props with poses like virasana, gomukhasana, and janusirsasana. Finish with a virasana meditation. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
Practice Focus: Menstruation

Level 2 20 min

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