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Jodi Blumstein has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 17 years. From 1999 to 2005 she was the director of Priya Yoga - the first Ashtanga/vinyasa yoga school in Chicago. Jodi sees the Ashtanga practice as a highly transformative experience; it is physical exercise to keep the body clean, it is mental exercise to keep the mind sharp, and it is a tool for waking up to who we truly are, beyond name and form. Jodi has the unique ability to work with students of all levels, ages, and physical ability and to guide them towards establishing a consistent, daily practice to improve health on all levels.

She encourages students to explore the unknown both on and off the mat and not to take anything too seriously. She has helped thousands of students begin their journey in this practice, and she holds the space for many communities to build thriving Ashtanga yoga programs. Currently, Jodi is living in Los Angeles where she teaches the Mysore program for Yoga Works at the Center for Yoga near Hollywood.

Recent classes

Learn Bhastrika pranayama and then go through three rounds of 50 Bhastrika breaths engaging Jalandhara bandha after the end of each round. This energizing breathing technique will get you going.
Practice Focus: Breath

Level 1-2 5 min
Explore the evolution of lotus pose utilizing postures from the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga. To open up your body for lotus, warm up with sun salutations and hip openers like gomukasana and pigeon as well as hamstring openers like uttitha hasta padangustasana and parighasana. You may also try crow pose while in lotus. This practice is designed for students who are comfortable in full lotus.
Practice Focus: Hips

Level 3 60 min
A fun warm up of fast sun salutations to build a lot of energy will lead you quickly into arm balances like vasistasana and eka pada koundinyasana. Your challenge will be moving from headstand to the peak pose, galavasana, and then back to headstand.
Practice Focus: Arm Balances, Hip Opener & Hips

Level 2-3 15 min

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