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Mama, teacher and author, Elena has studied yoga, meditation and healing with master teachers since 1997, and has been teaching since 1999. Known for bringing a resonant, relevant voice that speaks directly to your heart, Elena offers weekly asana and meditation classes in New York City as well as international trainings and retreats. Elena's groundbreaking yoga workbook, Art of Attention, has been translated into 5 languages. Her meditation coursework and first film, On Meditation, are devoted to cultivating meditation as our most healing daily habit. For details, writings and schedule, visit elenabrower.com and artofattention.com.

Recent classes

A beautiful breath practice to land you back in your heart and cultivate generosity for yourself and what you're creating today. Props Needed: A blanket.
Practice Focus: Breath

Level 1-2 5 min
Strength and kindness, within ourselves and with others, yields potency and presence. Learn to anchor and ground yourself in order to articulate your highest presence in all you do. Refine your geometry in standing postures, arm balancing and hip openers. Ends with a meditation. Leave your mat with a deep sense of peace. Props Needed: One blanket.

Level 2 90 min
This private practice is a great beginning or end to your day. Enhance your focus as you move through a simple, soothing, steadying practice to re-pattern any doubt and locate balance in your body. Props Needed: A block and a blanket.

Level 2 45 min

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