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Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany is passionate about using yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body and spirit. She is is the founder and visionary behind Yoga Medicine, a community of expert yoga teachers fusing the best of western medicine with the traditional practice of yoga. With her medical background in Acupuncture and Sports Medicine, her classes are guided by her ability to apply an anatomical focus to the practice of yoga in an accessible and relevant way.

Recognized more broadly as a health and wellness expert, Tiffany has worked with professional athletes and celebrities from around the world. She has run her own clinics and was the Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters. She has been a contributor to many major publications including The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Forbes, Yoga Journal, Prevention, Dr. Oz, Self, Women’s Health, Shape and more.

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Recent classes
We do so much for our muscles, minds and even spiritual selves, but the command center of the body - our nervous system - is often overlooked. It's like filling your car with gas and not changing the oil. This practice will revitalize this critical system through viloma breathwork, flowing postures that guide the nerves, and a long supported sequence on your back. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster, a strap, a block and another blanket.
Wipe the slate clean, no matter what your day has held so far. You'll create a sense of spaciousness and ease by moving slowly and mindfully. There'll be flowing, dynamic movements interspersed with longer holds, for a practice that feels gentle while still being strong. Begin with seated pranayama, flow through crescent poses and light-hearted half moons, then try out some fiery dolphin hop switches. A cozy restorative posture and savasana will round out your practice. Props Suggested: A block, a bolster, and a blanket.
Take a brief break to stop stress in its tracks. This practice uses Chinese Medicine theory to counteract stress by nourishing the water element and kidneys. You'll practice long holds in poses that target specific meridians, in order to ease stress and tension. Specific breathing techniques will be used to magnify the calming effects. A great practice anytime you need to relax, recharge and shake off whatever is weighing you down. Props Needed: A block and a blanket or towel.

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