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Stephanie Snyder

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

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Stephanie Snyder

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

Stephanie is the founder of San Francisco's Love Story Yoga studio where you can find her leading classes workshops and trainings. She is also the creator of the Yoga Journal DVD, 'Yoga for Strength and Toning'. Known for being both reverent and relevant she offers a class that blends sophisticated sequencing and alignment with mature and accessible philosophical discourse. Students appreciate Stephanie's heart-felt humor and personal connection to the practice. She teaches vinyasa, prenatal and yoga for recovery classes on Yogaglo and all over the world.

Stephanie has been featured by Yoga Journal magazine, YogiTimes magazine, Mantra Magazine, Fox News, and InStyle Magazine who named Stephanie as San Francisco's most sought after yoga teacher. She has also been a contributing writer for and featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine as well as other industry leading publications.

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Recent classes

Practice a pleasant mix of standing poses to help open your hips, side body and spine. A few gentle and supported backbends, simple seated twists and forward folds will complete this well-rounded flow. Your legs will feel longer and stronger, your back body engaged and your hips and shoulders more open. This sweet, easy-to-follow practice will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
1-2 60 Stephanie Snyder
Shake off the dust and shine with a flow that will wake you up from within! Get your energy going with a more advanced warm up, then move into wild thing, virabhadrasana III (warrior III), ustrasana (camel), and urdhva dhanurasana (wheel). Stretch your hip flexors, strengthen your back muscles, and get your prana circulating with this sequence focused on backbends. You'll bring radiance to your whole being throughout this compact class.
2-3 30 Stephanie Snyder
A faster-paced flow to awaken your body and get your energy moving. With standing poses woven throughout, this quick moving sequence will work your legs and core with parsvottanasana, parivrtta trikonasana, side plank variations and wild thing. A great class for when you're short on time, but still want to get a solid practice in.
2-3 15 Stephanie Snyder

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