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Stephanie Snyder

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

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Stephanie Snyder

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

Stephanie is the founder of San Francisco's Love Story Yoga studio where you can find her leading classes workshops and trainings. She is also the creator of the Yoga Journal DVD,'Yoga for Strength and Toning'. Known for being both reverent and relevant she offers a class that blends sophisticated sequencing and alignment with mature and accessible philosophical discourse. Students appreciate Stephanie's heart-felt humor and personal connection to the practice. She teaches vinyasa, prenatal and yoga for recovery classes on Yogaglo and all over the world.

Stephanie has been featured by Yoga Journal magazine, YogiTimes magazine, Mantra Magazine, Fox News, and InStyle Magazine who named Stephanie as San Francisco's most sought after yoga teacher. She has also been a contributing writer for and featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine as well as other industry leading publications.

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Recent classes

An all-around flow that challenges, rejuvenates and restores your being. Engage your whole body as you begin with active sequencing that includes standing poses, balances and twists, linked together with vinyasa. Then come down and breathe into a sweet mix of backbends and deep hip openers. Open up and allow yourself to be in this moment, receptive to the grounding effects your practice brings you today.
2-3 75 Stephanie Snyder
A gentle flow with some longer supported holds (on blocks) to ease your heart space open, especially in a tender time when you need a more nurturing release. Begin with a twisted child's pose before making your way into standing poses like warrior I and II. Use a cobra pose flow and supta virasana to expand the space around your heart and complete your practice with viparita karani to flip your perspective. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket or bolster.
Practice Focus: Heart
2 30 Stephanie Snyder
Loosen up your body and bring a cool balance to your being with this practice that integrates vyana vayu into your flow. Practice vinyasas with shorter holds, moving through surya namaskars with lunges, side stretches, shoulder openers and standing balances. Creative sequencing focuses on hip and heart opening without overtaxing yourself during these warmer months.
Practice Focus: Seasonal
2 60 Stephanie Snyder

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