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Sara Clark

Known for her compassionate and creative teaching style, Sara is an EYT 500-hour certified vinyasa and mindfulness teacher residing in New York City. In 2009 she left the corporate world of television post-production to deepen her studies of yoga. Practicing vinyasa flow and meditation for over two decades now, Sara is one of 15 Yoga Journal Influencers and graces Yoga Journal's April 2018 magazine cover. She is on the teaching staff at the largest retreat training center in North America, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and leads workshops and retreats internationally. Sara has created a series of yoga and meditation videos for Shape Magazine, Yoga Today, and currently, YogaGlo.com. You can find Sara teaching at yoga festivals such as Wanderlust, at the Rubin Museum in New York City, for thousands in Bryant Park, in homes and offices and on tropical beaches. What she loves most about teaching is cultivating a sacred and safe space for people to connect with their higher selves, better understand their purpose on this earth, and mindfully step into their power with clarity and grace.

Recent classes
Get ready to break a sweat with this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Vinyasa Flow fusion! Warm up with a dynamic flow, power through three rounds of HIIT, then marinate in the prana you've created with a final vinyasa sequence. Expect rocket squats, lunge kicks, burpees and mountain climbers. You'll give an all-out effort, then sink into a well-earned savasana and finish feeling fierce with lion's breath. Props Suggested: A towel.
Your breath is a beautiful indicator of how you are doing. A shortened breath may sometimes signal a more stressed out state of well-being. Welcome in ease of mind and sweetness of breath with this soothing meditation. Find a comfortable seat and explore three classic pranayama exercises: ujjayi, dirgha and nadi shodhana. You'll learn how to layer them into one practice, to encourage expansiveness in your breath and overall being. Props Suggested: A block or a bolster.
Feeling uninspired and sleepy? Allow this class to move your body and motivate your mind! With a focus on waking up every cell of your being, ignite a fire within to give you strength for taking on the day ahead. Begin in tadasana, flowing with intention into standing postures like revolved chair, tree and warrior III. Explore the balance of effort and ease, preparing you to flow through today with sharp focus and great balance.

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