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Sara Clark is a 500-hour certified meditation and vinyasa yoga teacher residing in New York City. You can find her teaching for thousands at Yoga Journal in Bryant Park, as a faculty member at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, for large corporations and health clubs in New York City and coming soon, at Wanderlust.

Sara is known as a compassionate teacher who makes both the novice and more experienced practitioner feel welcomed in her classes. Her fluid vinyasa sequences layered with mindfulness and meditation techniques create an environment for self-inquiry and transformation. Sara's mission is awakening her student's to their highest potential both on and off of the yoga mat. When she isn't teaching you can find Sara backpacking through foreign lands.

Recent classes
There isn't a one-size-fits-all when it comes to asana. Move through a selection of poses multiple times, giving you an opportunity to explore each shape with space to make adjustments. Flow with a focus on discovering how your body wants to uniquely move. With alignment cues and brief pauses to feel your way through each pose, tune into your body's wisdom to safely guide you into warrior poses, triangle, side angle and pigeon.
1-2 45 Sara Clark
With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, there are so many reasons to rush through your day. This practice is designed to break the habit of rushing and leave you feeling grounded. Steady does it as you flow through a balanced, all-around sequence and focus on mindfully feeling your body align, thus supporting the balance of tasks when this class ends and your day continues. Props Suggested: A block.
2 30 Sara Clark
Turn your focus inward and away from the busy world. Take a moment to simply lay down and listen with this meditative practice. By giving your mind something to focus on beyond the millions of thoughts that float by, this body scan will support undoing the stresses of your busy world. Allow the systems of your body to recharge and recalibrate, invoking deep relaxation. Props Needed: A blanket and a bolster.
Practice Focus: Yoga Nidra
1-2 30 Sara Clark

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