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From living in a group home for at-risk youth to becoming a renowned yoga teacher and musical innovator, MC YOGI is on a mission to bring good music and good energy into the world. Having grown up immersed in hip hop culture before finding yoga in his teens, he naturally began to integrate the two, setting yogic wisdom to hip hop beats. The result was a compelling new sound and a series of successful albums, leading to a worldwide tour, teaching and performing to tens of thousands.

His first book, Spiritual Graffiti, was released in 2017. His latest album, Ritual Mystical (feat East Forest), made history by going #1 on the Electronic charts. In 2011, MC YOGI and his wife Amanda were named ambassadors for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative. They have performed and taught yoga at the White House, Stanford University, The Smithsonian, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, and Dallas Asian Art Museum.

“Behind the music and off the mat — MC YOGI’s story of grit and graffiti reminds us that yoga meets us where we are and introduces us to who we are”
— Jason Mraz, multi-platinum and Grammy-winning musician

Recent classes
This gentle practice incorporates balanced breathing techniques and grounding postures to refresh the body and mind. Begin seated with equal breathing and nadi shodhana, then stay low to the earth as you move through a sequence including half splits, a variety of plank variations, cobra and sphinx. Class will conclude with a stress-busting legs up the wall, so you can walk away feeling brand new. Props Needed: Wall space.
Awaken and move energy throughout your body with a strong, fast-paced flow. You'll warm up with surya A’s and B’s, then power through an energizing sequence featuring revolved half moon, visvamitrasana, bicycle crunches and tripod headstand. With arm balances and inversions woven throughout, you'll invigorate your body, get your circulation going, and leave your mat feeling completely recharged.
Relax deeper and deeper as you explore the five layers of your being, from your physical body to your innermost self. This calming meditation provides a total reset for your body and mind. You'll scan each layer of your awareness, softening any areas of tension, before resting in the comfort of your layer of bliss. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.

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