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Kathryn Budig

Vinyasa Flow

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Kathryn Budig

Vinyasa Flow

Kathryn Budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and author known for her accessibility, humor, and ability to empower her students through her message, "aim true." The Kansas native graduated from the University of Virginia with a double degree in English and Drama before moving to Los Angeles, where she trained at Yogaworks under the tutelage of her mentors, Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller.

With over a decade of experience in her field, Budig now co-hosts the espnW podcast, Free Cookies, alongside Kate Fagan. She served as the yoga editor to Women's Health magazine for five years, contributed recipes and sat on the Yahoo Health Advisory Board, and regularly contributes to Yoga Journal, The New Potato, and MindBodyGreen. She was a featured athlete in Under Armour's "I WILL WHAT I WANT" campaign, and is the founder of her animal project, Poses for Paws. She is the creator of the Aim True Yoga DVD produced by Gaiam, and author of The Women's Health Big Book of Yoga and Aim True.

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Recent classes

A simple and gentle visual guided meditation for challenging life transitions. Practice this meditation when you feel lost and need the reminder that life is forgiving and cyclical. Come to a comfortable seated position and tune in to your breath. Focus inward and practice an empowering mental mantra, visualizing it's reassuring energy overcome you. Find calm and help ease the anxiety of your difficult transition with this soothing class.
1 5 Kathryn Budig
Twists are one of the most satisfying and cleansing ways to tackle your asana practice. Allow your body to both release and engage powerfully with this energizing sequence. Expect plenty of creative twisting in your surya namaskara B's, alongside traditional revolved standing poses and core work that leads up to challenges like headstand and side crow. Conclude with a well-earned savasana, staying in for as long as needed. Come get twisted! Props Needed: A block.
Practice Focus: Twists
2-3 45 Kathryn Budig
This is a love letter to your lower body. Skip the vinyasa and dig into all the juicy bends and hamstring releases from surya namaskara. Go straight to the floor and explore a string of seated forward bends. Warm up with active downward dog variations, moving into postures like janu sirsasana and paschimottonasana. Add props at your discretion to make this experience lovely for any level of flexibility you're feeling today.
2 10 Kathryn Budig

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