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Dice Iida-Klein

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

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Dice Iida-Klein

Vinyasa Flow Hatha

Always drawn to sports and being physically active, Dice played hockey and baseball in his younger years. Later in high school he wrestled, ran cross-country and played tennis. After graduating from UCLA in the summer of 2007, he found himself trying a yoga class at City Yoga in Los Angeles. Enter HANDSTANDS. As soon as he saw the world upside down, his life had changed and the world as he knew it would never be the same. Yoga found its way into his soul and it made a home there. Shortly after he found yoga, Dice decided to take one step further and complete a yoga teacher training. Why not teach what you love? Upon completion of his teacher training at City Yoga in April of 2008, he dove in headfirst and began teaching.

Dice likes to be on his hands, upside down in an inversion or playing with arm balances. Expect them in his classes! The challenge that they offer builds confidence and strength, but more than anything they are just fun to try. Yoga made him feel like a kid again...playing on his hands and feet, where falling was part of the game. The playful aspect of yoga is just as important as its disciplined aspect. It is the balance between the two that makes yoga...yoga. If anything else, yoga helps to bring awareness to one's own body. This awareness is the balance of the body and mind. Dice's goal is to help his fellow yogis bridge the gap between the two. Be prepared to sweat, work, play and have fun on your mat!


Recent classes

Not all roads lead to big backbends! Fire up your lower back through to your upper back with this flow that uses salabhasana and variations to activate your muscles. Prime your body with a supine warm-up before engaging your posterior chain while also lengthening in the process. Refine your upper back muscles and open up your chest with locust inspired poses, concluding with a simple forward fold. Props Needed: Two blocks
Practice Focus: Back
1-2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
Looking to take your arm balance practice to the next level? This powerful flow is all about learning to take your arm balances from two arms to one. Using the foundational elements of all arm balancers, focus on one armed peacock (eka hasta mayurasana), one armed bakasana (eka pada bakasana and QDR (queda de rins). Take flight and have fun!
Practice Focus: Arm Balances
3 30 Dice Iida-Klein
This practice is dedicated to the back of your legs! Hamstrings are often asked to open and stretch in most yoga classes today, but before you can create length in a muscle, you need the muscle to understand how to engage. Expect a heavy dose of one-legged balancing, use of blocks and poses like ardha hanumanasana, parsvottanasana and standing splits as you practice creating stability and strength in your hamstrings. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Hamstrings
1-2 45 Dice Iida-Klein

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