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Amy Ippoliti

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Amy Ippoliti

Amy is known for her genuine teaching style, intelligent sequencing, clear instruction, and engaging sense of humor. She is a teacher, author and activist who uses innovative methods to bring yoga wisdom to modern day life. Amy shares her passions for health and conservation through her writings for publications such as Yoga Journal, Prevention and Mind Body Green, and her underwater yoga images with marine animals have been featured on the front page of Yahoo and GrindTV.

A pioneer of advanced yoga education, Amy co-founded 90 Monkeys, an online and in-person school that has enhanced the skills of yoga teachers and studios in 65 countries. She is the co-author of the book, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga, which has become a staple in yoga teacher trainings across the globe. Amy currently resides in Boulder, Co, where she teaches workshops and trainings when she is not traveling.

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Recent classes
Find your strength as a woman when you're feeling disempowered. Move past fear and remember your unique talents and gifts. Flow slowly and mindfully through lunges and twists, challenge your balance in warrior III, then luxuriate in supported goddess pose on your back. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
This is an active, but deeply calming meditation that uses simple breathing techniques to soothe tension. Practice three minutes of ujjayi breathing with hands in jnana mudra, then three minutes of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) followed by a long meditation in savasana. Props Suggested: Blankets as needed to feel comfortable.
Fight fatigue when you've had a poor night's sleep with this restorative morning practice. The day doesn't stop after a night of tossing and turning, but this class can help you get your energy back. Gently reinvigorate your sleepy body and mind with restful, supported variations of downward dog and wide-legged forward bend, followed by a long and rejuvenating supported bridge. Props Needed: Two bolsters and a block. Props Suggested: A blanket and an eye cover, towel or bag.

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