Balance and refine your energy, so it resonates in harmony with your intentions and aspirations. This program is for anyone who would love to establish a consistent meditation practice that encourages physical vibrance, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Each class will begin with a simple breathing practice to help quiet and focus your mind before a gentle, guided meditation. You’ll learn to identify and direct the currents of energy in your body, so you can calibrate them for confidence in anything you do.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Classes are 20 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Explore the qualities of your internal energy by keenly observing the flow of your breathing. Begin by practicing an equal inhale and exhale, followed by a gentle breath of fire. Next, release control and simply observe, studying the life force that moves within you, and feeling a soft, expanding glow in the center of your mind. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.
Today you'll continue to observe the intelligence of your energy; noting where it flows freely and where it may be blocked. You'll open your practice with some gentle breathwork, then return to simply noticing the flow of your breath. Observe how it flows steadily to where it's needed, creating softness and luminosity that emanates from within. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.
Gradually illuminate your entire body, by directing light from your head to your heart space. After awakening your energy with your breath, focus on letting it encompass your heart and suffuse all the cells in your body. Find peace within as your heart fills with light, appreciating this connection to your body's intelligence. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.

Week 2

Today's practice will help you recognize the heart as the source of energy and light in your body. You'll explore how this energy is reflected in the mind, and the ways in which your attention can amplify its luminosity. Allow the light and wisdom of your heart to flow into every cell, as you feel your physical boundaries begin to dissolve. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.
Work on concentrating prana equally in your heart and mind, honoring your life force as it circulates within. Visualize a shimmering glow in your head and in your heart, noticing how it expands with your focused attention. Continue to build a relationship with this internal radiance, allowing it to illuminate your entire being. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.
Make your everyday more sacred by infusing it with your light. This final class will teach the simple process of sending prana outside your body, bringing healing energy to where it's needed most. You'll use simple breath practices to clear away any inner obstructions, allowing your radiance to shine brightly and freely. Props Suggested: A blanket or block to sit on.
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