With an emphasis on creating strength that radiates from your core, Mat Pilates makes an ideal complement to yoga. This program will breakdown the essentials of the practice—from its basic principles to its classic postures. You'll lengthen and tone your muscles using precise, controlled movements, and learn to tap into your body's personal power source. While the program starts slowly, so you can master the proper technique, be prepared for the challenge to accelerate throughout the first week.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Mat Pilates
Classes are 30 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Get to know the six principles of Pilates, and apply them throughout a basic mat class. You'll practice classic postures like the hundred and the roll up, while learning to fully engage your core. The foundational techniques you learn throughout this class will support the more challenging sequences to come.
Pilates is all about learning how to lead from your core. Learn a bit of history as you review the mat concepts you've learned so far. You'll add on some new movements, like the abdominal series and the saw, and practice generating your movements from your center.
Your breath will help you stay connected and focused, just as it does in your yoga practice. Today you'll learn all about TVA breathing, the core breathwork technique used in Pilates. Once you become comfortable with this new way of breathing, you'll practice incorporating it as you learn some new movements.

Week 2

Pilates, like yoga, is a type of meditative movement. The breath is used as an anchoring tool to enhance your focus and mind/body connection. Start with a seated meditation to connect with your core, where your true nature resides. Try to stay present as you begin to move, learning new postures like tick tock and corkscrew.
A strong core is essential for balance. See how engaging your core helps to stabilize your body as you move through a sequence including mermaid and side plank. As you continue to strengthen your body's powerhouse, you'll find you can move with more ease and control.
Both yoga and Pilates are inspired by nature and help us connect with the natural world. Learn more about this union throughout your final practice, which will review everything you've learned so far. You may find that you want to repeat this total-body workout to keep improving your technique and getting stronger.
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