Reinvent your relationship to wheel pose, so you can approach it with confidence and ease. This workshop-style program will help you gradually work towards full wheel, utilizing complimentary poses, props and modifications along the way. One of yoga's quintessential backbends, urdhva dhanurasana provides a gateway to other advanced backbends, but the prep work has amazing benefits on its own. As the classes progress in level from 1/2 to 2, you can choose to move forward at your own pace, repeating any of the practices as needed. Whether you take this pose to its full expression, or continue to build a solid foundation, you'll be standing a little taller, feeling a little freer, and moving about the world with a more open heart.
Level 1-2

3 Classes

Classes are 30 min
Level 1-2
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Week 1

Have your props ready, because it's time to get rolling! This first class will gradually open up your shoulders through standing postures and a few heat-building vinyasas, then move to the wall for L-shaped handstand. You'll learn proper shoulder, chest and upper back alignment to prepare your body to lift and lengthen in wheel pose. Props Needed: Wall space, two blocks, a blanket, and a strap or belt.
Dive into the depths of your front body and open up your hips. Today's class will incorporate standing postures like side angle and crescent, then take you back to the wall for some supported backbends. You'll revisit a few shoulder openers from the first class, and get deep into your hip flexors, quads, chest and neck. Props Needed: Wall space, a blanket, and a strap or belt.
Now that you're feeling strong and open, it's time to get into the mechanics of wheel. Your final class will systematically breakdown urdhva dhanurasana, using props and modifications at the wall. Remember that whether you decide to lift into the full pose or continue practicing a modified variation, you'll still feel the benefits of this energy-boosting, heart-opening journey. Props Needed: Wall space, a blanket, and a strap or belt.
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