Set a positive tone for your day, so you can get into your groove! A morning ritual can help shift your mindset from one that lacks direction to one that gets you closer to reaching your goals. This program combines confidence-boosting contemplations with vinyasa flow to create the momentum you need for a productive and meaningful day. Life can feel nonstop; take a pause in your morning to align with your purpose, and feel more centered from sunup to sundown.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 30 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Ready to get into the groove of your new morning ritual? Start the morning off right by setting a sankalpa (intention) for your day. You'll then begin a light and warming vinyasa flow featuring uber utkatasana, sun salutations, and standing postures for a strong foundation. Bring vibrant energy into your body and feel empowered to make the most of your day! Props Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
Set an intention for gratitude, and allow it to permeate your time on the mat. Move with ease through a side-body-opening flow that will strengthen and bring awareness to your core. You'll balance your mind in tree pose, and open your hips and heart in a luxurious dhanurasana (bow) with two blankets to prop you open! Props Needed: Two blankets. Props Suggested: A pen and paper.
Get your day going with super energizing twists and inversions. Indulge your imagination by considering the one thing that would make your day amazing - no matter how outlandish! You'll practice some foundational surya namaskars, adding in twists, triangle and half moon; then head to the wall to hop or hold handstand and forearm stand. Props Needed: Wall space. Props Suggested: A blanket, pen and paper.

Week 2

Create an affirmation to empower your day, then embody that feeling as you flow. Feel graceful and powerful through a series of vinyasas with lunges and half moon, then let your heart shine in mermaid pose. Class will conclude with savasana on your side, as you reinforce your affirmation for the day. Props Suggested: A blanket, pen and paper.
Set yourself up for success through the power of visualization. You'll practice envisioning more challenging poses, which is a skill you can use with your goals off the mat. Move through some lunging vinyasa flows and surya namaskar b's to get your body going. The goal is to get into full wheel pose, so visualize yourself there! Props Needed: Wall space, two blocks, and a blanket.
It's time to celebrate your accomplishments both on and off the mat! Enjoy a steady flow of hip and hamstring openers, try a quickie side plank with your leg in tree, then play with crow and side crow. Class will conclude with a restorative savasana to reward and integrate all the effort you've put in. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap. Props Suggested: A bolster.
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