Not the meditating type? This program will dispel many of the common misconceptions about meditation, while providing easy steps for getting started. Delivered with clear, down-to-earth instruction, you'll learn an accessible way to bring meditation into your life through a combination of lecture and practice. All you have to do is sit quietly for ten minutes a few times a week. With benefits ranging from reduced stress to better focus, that seems like a pretty good deal!
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Level 1
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Week 1

You don't need to be in some remote, silent location like a forest clearing at dawn in order to experience meditation. Grab a seat in any place that you won't be disturbed for ten minutes, and you'll learn how to make yourself most comfortable. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.
The good news is, you don't need to learn how to turn off your thoughts. They are simply the mind doing what the mind does. Rather than impulsively judging or responding to them, practice bearing witness like you're in a theater watching a movie. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.
The sensations of your body - like the thoughts of your mind - are not distractions. You aren't trying to be blank or devoid of experience when you meditate. Rather than trying to ignore these sensations, use them to direct your attention to the present moment. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.

Week 2

Unlike in an active yoga or breathwork practice, you don't need to regulate your breathing while in seated meditation. In this practice, focus on the sensations of your breath without intentionally trying to control it. Simply allow your breath to cycle naturally. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.
Think of your thoughts as a movie playing inside your head; your own inner narrator. You'll practice pausing this mental movie by refocusing on the sensations in your body and your breath. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.
This final class will integrate the skills of self-awareness and stillness that you've practiced so far. Focus on the content of your thoughts without judging it, the sensations of your body without changing them, and the cycles of your breath without regulating them. All this takes practice, and you can continue to sit down, tune in, and hone these skills. Props Suggested: A block, bolster or chair.
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