Create a map of your inner landscape that will guide you towards the essence of who you are. This program will help you perceive the artistry and intricacy of your body, as you expand your awareness and movement vocabulary. You'll explore a new aspect of identity in every class, beginning with a mantra and mind-body practice, then tapping into the felt sensation through flow. Allow this program to immerse you in an experience of meditation in motion, as you dive into the layers of your multidimensional self.
Level 1-2

6 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 20 min
Level 1-2
classes per week
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Week 1

Begin your experience of embodiment by establishing the border between your inner and outer self. You'll start with body tapping and the mantra, "I am here," then explore your relationship to gravity and space as you flow through postures like twisted crescent, triangle and half moon. Your practice concludes with bound angle and a forward bend, before a final moment in seated meditation. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
Find the balance between collapsing into your environment and pushing away too hard. Begin with the mantra, "I am meeting and being met," to encourage a feeling of both buoyancy and stability. This class explores your body's relationship to the earth through a sequence of graceful standing poses. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
This core-centered sequence will fire up your navel center, the primary pathway of connectivity in your body. Begin with the mantra, "I come from here," then explore how your core strength supports your limbs. You'll build power throughout a strong flow featuring navasana (boat), side plank, and arm balances like bakasana and eka pada koundinyasana. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.

Week 2

Utilize the levity of your heart and lungs to support yourself in backbends. This class will focus on your heart center and its connection to your arms and hands. Begin seated with your hands at your heart and recite the mantra, "there is infinite love here." This heart-opening flow features expansive postures like wild thing, dhanurasana (bow), and urdhva dhanurasana (wheel). Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
Reimagine the architecture of your limbs by establishing the location of your central axis. Place one hand on the back of your head and the other at the base of your spine, as you recite the mantra, "I come home here." You'll gain a new perspective on your body as you flow through triangle, half moon, twists and lunges, then return to your mantra in a seated meditation. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
Experience meditation in motion with a continuous flow that incorporates elements from throughout this program. Your final practice is all about fluidity and presence, and returns to the mantra, "I am here." Move seamlessly through a sequence that includes triangle, half moon, parsvottanasana (intense side stretch), wild thing and eka pada koundinyasana. Conclude with a seated meditation to ground yourself in the present moment. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
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