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Calm Your Whirling Energy & Root Down

Restorative with Felicia Tomasko
Level 1 60 mins
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This restorative class uses a block to encourage stabilization in the low back. All too often in life we may feel unsupported, spacey, floating, or out of sorts. From the perspective of Ayurveda, these feelings are indicative of overactivity or imbalance of the vata dosha, the energy of air and space. The antidote is to get grounded, find our support on the earth, and breathe in such a way that it calms the whirling energy of the nervous system. Most of this practice is spent supine, on the earth, with repetitive motions that help us feel stable, supported and connected. The region of the pelvis and low back is the home or seat of the vata dosha, so attention here also supports a sense of calm. It is also the connection to the first chakra, the root, so again, attention here supports us. Fall into a trance here with a simple savasana.


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