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Balance & Awaken

Kundalini with Kia Miller
Level 1-2 60 mins
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Balance and awaken your lower triangle area: base of spine, hips and navel point. This activating sequence will generate heat and energy, and is the perfect set-up for the mediation that follows. The meditation uses the mantra Ek Ong Kar-uh, Sa Ta Na Ma -(uh), Sire Wha-(uh) He Guru. Some effects of this meditation are as follows: helps you to access your creative potential and focus on your real priorities, fixes your energy and attention on your deepest essence. Please note that you use the bhandas (energetic locks) through this meditation. After Ek Ong Kar draw up the pelvic floor as you say -uh, after Sa Ta Na Ma draw the thoracic diaphragm up as you say -hu, after Siri Wa draw neck lock on -uh, now relax all locks as you say He Guru! It will make sense when you do it!

Kia Miller

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