YogaGlo is yoga for everyone. It is an invitation to explore our bodies, minds, and hearts. We invest in you and your commitment to self-care.

We believe that yoga is a lifelong process. That process begins as soon as we recognize that we all share the same human condition.

Our intention is to empower people from all around the world to practice and expand the meaning of yoga. We’re committed to practices that invite our deepest self-exploration and investment in our shared humanity. We offer thousands of professionally-filmed online yoga, meditation, and lecture classes taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers, and professors in an effort to touch lives in a meaningful way.

Our Vision
A world in which we all live our true potential.
Our Mission
Create intelligent tools that challenge people to live a fulfilling life.
Our Manifesto

To you, the seeker,

You listen to your inner calling to
Nurture wonder and curiosity
Illumine your mind, inspire your heart
With courage to kindle the fire on a journey of self-discovery.

We exist for you.

To awaken the desire to live your own, true potential
With a full throated, wild, roaring Yes!
To show up and do the work
Intentions and actions define us, not just the outcomes.

We empower each other
To reveal to ourselves our most authentic feelings
To affirm our inner values and cultivate compassion
Create community and conversation
To give expression to our truest self.

At YogaGlo
We create tools that challenge you
To invest in yourself
To become strong in body
More engaged in heart and mind.

Your yoga occurs on a mat, on a bicycle, in conversation,
Through virtually any endeavor
In yoga we accept the invitation to live fully.

Join us on this journey.

Are you in LA?

Come take a class in our studio - it's free!
YogaGlo studio map

While our YogaGlo customers are from all over the world, we also have a physical studio in Santa Monica where all of our videos are filmed. If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting, please check the class schedule to join us while filming - we'd love to have you experience some incredible yoga classes taught by some of the best yoga instructors in the world. A few things to note:

  • All our classes start on time as they are posted on the schedule.
  • Please be sure to wear clothing that is free of branding, tag lines, artwork, quotes, graphics, studio names, and logos beyond the size of a quarter. Because you may be on camera, please also check your clothing for transparency and a good fit.
  • You can park for free in YogaGlo marked spots on Berkeley Street, or street parking on Stanford Street, or metered parking on Nebraska Avenue.
  • The door closes 5 minutes before the class starts for filming, so please arrive early to enjoy our classes.

Our studio address is: 1740 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

YogaGlo studio map

Class Schedule

We're hiring - come work with us!

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