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Comments on classes from YogaGlo students:

Thanks Tiffany for having a class on the IT band, i have been looking for a class like this for alongtime, this is an area that I have so much trouble with for many years. I warmed up with another short class to warm up before trying your class this but had to stop in the middle due to a cramp occurred right at the muscle between the hip and the IT band. Just a little background, I'm a "young" 60 years old have been practicing yoga on and off so I consider myself in the level 1 category. I really like to take your class on IT band but realize it is going to be too challenging for me. I wonder whether you would consider designing another class with a slower pace and shorter in length for folks like me who has tight hip and clronic IT band problem. I would appreciate very much your consideration. Thanks again and keep up your wonderful work. Respectfully, Jennifer G , Huntsville, Al.u   (view this class)

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Good Morning Yoga

This week's featured classes will help you get your day started off on the right foot. Rise and shine!

Awaken & Prepare for the Day Ahead
level 1-2
10 min
Claire Missingham

Awaken & Prepare for the Day Ahead - The Kriyas, as defined in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, are practices that have a cleansing affect on the mind or the p...more

Connect & Create A Beautiful Day
Level 2
45 min
Vinyasa Flow
Jo Tastula

Connect & Create A Beautiful Day - Connect with the creative energy of the morning and harness the powerful energy of the mind with this well rounded su...more

Morning Flexibility
level 1-2
30 min
Tara Judelle

Morning Flexibility - This class uses slow movements to coax our body into flexibility and fluidity for the day. Includes forward bends (paschimottanasana,...more

Morning Wake-Up for Balance, Vigor and Joy
level 1-2
30 min
Giselle Mari

Morning Wake-Up for Balance, Vigor and Joy - Yoga is the type of wake up call you want to receive in the morning. Gently and slowly wake up the body w...more

Good Morning Energizing Flow
Level 1
15 min
Amy Ippoliti

Good Morning Energizing Flow - Begin your day with this energizing sequence designed to awaken the body and give you a positive outlook on the day ahead....more

Gayatri Mantra Morning Flow
level 2-3
20 min
Vinyasa Flow
Sianna Sherman

Gayatri Mantra Morning Flow - Chant the Gayatri mantra with the morning sun and activate the solar power of your day with this standing flow that opens u...more