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no uncommon at all. i'd recommend staying there for shorter amounts of time for now and see if that helps   (view this class)

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Regulate & Boost Your Immune System

This week's featured classes will help regulate and boost the immune system, keeping it strong and healthy.

Yin for the Immune System
Level 1
60 min
Felicia Tomasko

Yin for the Immune System - This deep work with a yin practice is designed to support the functioning of the immune system and awaken the inner intelligen...more

Immune System 101
level 1-2
30 min
Jo Tastula

Immune System 101 - A brief overview of what it is and how it works AND some super easy and effective exercises that you can do ANYWHERE to help boost your...more

Ashtanga for the Immune System
level 2-3
90 min
Jodi Blumstein

Ashtanga for the Immune System - This is a traditional full primary series class where Jodi is emphasizing and explaining the many many ways that the pra...more

Immune System Booster
level 1-2
10 min
Kia Miller

Immune System Booster - When you are feeling down or depleted this is the practice for you! This meditation stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and ...more

Immunity for Fall
level 2-3
60 min
Vinyasa Flow
Dice Iida-Klein

Immunity for Fall - This class is focused on ridding the body of toxins and impurities via deep twists, a good amount of folds and a nice dose of inversion...more

Enhance Your Immune Function
Level 2
60 min
Elena Brower

Enhance Your Immune Function - A quiet hourlong exploration of various postures to enhance your immune function. Address and approach the glands that con...more