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David Harshada Wagner


David Harshada Wagner


David has been teaching meditation and self-empowerment to people all over the world in all kinds of venues since 1994. Classically trained in the Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Bhakti, Vedanta, and Tantric Shaivism, his teachings come from his decades of personal transformation and his experience serving others to find their authentic path to deep happiness.

David serves on the faculties of Kripalu, and Omega Institutes, and travels widely working with people from all walks of life. His teaching style is bold, dynamic, and unique, approachable to students from all walks of life. Most recently, David has taken on the mission of serving the transformational needs of men. He is the author of BACKBONE the Modern Man's Ultimate Guide to Purpose Passion and Power. David currently splits his time between his home in Ojai, California and New York City.

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Recent classes

Focus on the mantra "Ram" as a gateway to universal energy. Learn how the mantra represents the unnameable universal force that contains all things. Using this mantra, learn to dissolve your individual identification and relax into the infinite creative energy of the universe.
2-3 15 David Harshada Wagner
Use flared nostrils and intense breath in this meditation to cultivate intensity and fiery commitment. If you are needing to prepare for action and commitment, use this meditation to cultivate your strength and attention. Sometimes meditation is the perfect way to give oneself a boost of energy. This is a great meditation for men, though all are welcome.
Practice Focus: Breath
1-2 10 David Harshada Wagner
Connect to spirit and calling that power into your life without being religious. Open with a brief meditation followed by a discussion on invocation and use it as a way to call forth and connect to something that is beyond you. Bring the focus inward as you meditate on your breath as life itself. Then, call in that which you want to call in.
1-2 45 David Harshada Wagner

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