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Steven Espinosa


Following a fifteen year career as a professional dancer, Steven eventually discovered yoga and immediately fell in love.

After participating in the first Anusara teacher training in Los Angeles, Steven began teaching in 2001. During this time he has taught both nationally and internationally. In 2004, Steven was invited to Berlin, Germany where he helped open two successful studios.

With his heart-oriented approach to yoga, combined with a deep understanding of alignment, therapeutics and philosophy, Steven's highest hope is to inspire and empower students to remember the true teacher within their own heart.

Steven is grateful to all of his teachers and is excited and honored to be a part of the YogaGlo experience.

Recent classes

Tune into your sensory perception of sight, sound and touch to create an experience that heightens your level of self awareness. Open with a brief meditation and slowly build to a standing pose series including Warrior II, Extended Side Angle and Triangle. Attempt Crow pose before your relaxing cool down.

Level 1-2 45 min
Even just a little yoga goes a long way to helping us feel better. Check to see how you are feeling before class begins, then again afterward to notice the changes, shifts and transformations. Poses include Warrior I, Warrior II, Half Moon and Camel Pose.

Level 1-2 30 min
Many times when we come to our practice we can still be distracted by the events of the day. Now that you have successfully made it to your mat, let it all go and make this moment matter with the help of sun salutations, thigh openers and back bends.

Level 1-2 45 min

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