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Darren Rhodes



Darren Rhodes has been the director of YogaOasis in Tucson, Arizona since 1999. He is the founder of YogaHour—an accessible, inexpensive, expertly-taught flow yoga class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions for each pose. He is the author and model of the Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook featuring photographs of Darren in 400 yoga poses with instructions. Yoga Journal named him one of the "21 Talented Young Teachers Shaping the Future of Yoga."

Darren, while known for his ability to perform all yoga postures, is dedicated to making yoga accessible. Darren's classes are innovative and authentic, focusing on making the doable difficult and the difficult doable. Join Darren on YogaGlo for a fun and challenging class!

Darren lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Bronwin and son Dagda. He offers YogaHour Teacher Trainings and workshops nationally and internationally. You can find Darren's teaching schedule and his books, CDs, and posters on his website.

Recent classes

Chalk full of a wide variety of poses such as forward folds, arm balances, hip openers, quad stretches, back bends and twists. Pack a lot of Hatha into a mere half hour.

Level 2 30 min
Something is better than nothing. Open your hips and hamstrings, deepen your breath, stretch away stress and step into your day!
Practice Focus: Morning

Level 1-2 5 min
Start class with poses that warm up the back and spine along with push ups and ab work. From there you step directly into a pithy yet potent standing series that focuses on strength. After that, it's a playful mix of backbends and arm balances with low back and hamstring stretches peppered in. Cool down with basic forward folds and twists.
Practice Focus: Arm Balances

Level 2-3 90 min

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