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Noah Mazé has been part of YogaGlo's faculty from its inception. Noah's fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined. Noah is recognized around the world as an accomplished teacher of yoga teachers, and among the most advanced of yoga practitioners. Noah is the founder of YOGAMAZÉ, with headquarters and two locations in Los Angeles. He is ever formulating and evolving a meaningful yoga curriculum to serve yoga students and teachers worldwide as he circles the globe offering classes, workshops, and intensives. Known for his clarity, study with Noah presents students with powerful opportunities to gain tangible yoga knowledge, which they can immediately apply to improve their focus, strength, and abilities.

Noah began a regular practice of hatha yoga when he was 14 years old. Raised in the philosophy and practice of yoga, Noah grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where his parents practiced a tradition of meditation. Initially, Noah studied and practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa with Richard Freeman. Early on, he was honored to study with Pattabhi Jois, and Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Manouso Manos. Noah completed his first Anusara Yoga teacher training in 1999, and was certified in the then growing style of Anusara Yoga in 2002. Today Noah studies extensively with Tantric scholar Douglas R. Brooks. Noah boasts a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education and Leadership, having worked for several years teaching teens and young adults life and technical skills through wilderness journeys. Always a student, Noah continues his yoga education and studies with teachers of all yoga styles and traditions.

Home in Los Angeles, Noah offers weekly classes and in depth programming at YOGAMAZÉ Studio 169. He is blessed to share life with his wife, Tracy, his two children, Madeleine (6) and Oliver (3), and two rescued four leggeds.

Recent classes

Strong standing poses and deep hip openers combine into lotus pose (padmasana). Add interesting core work and inversions as you alchemize your lotus into a rooster. Warm up your body with surya namaskara A, then move through a challenging standing pose sequence peppered with arm balances and inversions. Several variations of headstand, including fun transitions from arm balances, along with other advanced poses in a steady moving practice. Props Needed: A blanket.
Practice Focus: Hip Opener & Hips

Level 3 90 min
Bond with your child in this playful and interactive practice of sun salutations, standing poses and handstands. Try out Koala Bear as you play, breathe and move with your little one. Savor each moment.

Level 1-2 15 min
Gain clarity and stability in ardha chandrasana (half moon), parivritta ardha chandrasana (revolved half moon) and other variations in this focused and playful class. Mythically, moonlight is soma, intoxication, the reflective light of self awareness. Props Needed: Two blankets and two blocks.
Practice Focus: Standing Balance

Level 2 45 min

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