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Richard Freeman has been a student of yoga since 1968. He has spent nearly twelve years in Asia studying various traditions, which he incorporates into the Ashtanga yoga practice as taught by his principal teacher, K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Richard's background includes studying Sufism in Iran, Zen and Vipassana Buddhist practice, Bhakti and traditional Hatha yoga in India. Starting in 1974 he also began an in-depth study of Iyengar yoga, which eventually led him to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Richard is an avid student of both Western and Eastern philosophy, as well as Sanskrit. His ability to juxtapose various viewpoints, without losing the depth and integrity of each, has helped him develop a unique, metaphorical teaching style.

Richard teaches public classes, month and week-long intensives at his home base, the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, as well as spending a good part of each year traveling as a guest instructor at studios throughout the world. He is the author of the book, The Mirror of Yoga (Shambhala Publications), and has produced a number of instructional DVDs and CDs on yoga asana, philosophy, breathing and chanting.

Recent classes

Many twists and forward bends involve a subtle turning of your pelvis back and forth to find the optimal angle of rotation. This skill can make a huge difference in the quality of some of your yoga postures. Activate mula bandha in the process. Learn to square your hips in twisting triangle, upavista konasana, janu sirsasana and marichayasana C.
Practice Focus: Hips

Level 1-2 15 min
Extension and Flexion - Explore complimentary opposite curling of the spine, especially in the neck and head. Open the practice with jalandhara bandha position from the heart. Then move through Surya A, Surya B and various poses from the Ashtanga practice including padangustasana, trikonasana and parsvottanasana, all with an awareness of the neck and jalandhara bandha. Props suggested: A block.
Practice Focus: Bandhas & Neck

Level 2 90 min
Explore a strong oppositional pattern that involves oblique movement in your abdominal wall. Your goal is to awaken the full line of the apana pattern and to learn to flex your hip joints when your leg is adducted. Includes parsvottanasana, hasta padangustasana and akarna dhanurasana A & B, pulling the bow to your ear.
Practice Focus: Hamstrings

Level 2-3 10 min

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