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Taylor Harkness

Vinyasa Flow

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Taylor Harkness

Vinyasa Flow

Taylor Harkness is an instructor bent on moving people to play both on and off the mat with skillful action, an open heart, and a healthy dose of gratitude. An avid rock climber, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, psychology nerd, nature lover, and paramedic, Taylor applies his adventurous experiences of life to his teachings and to keeping it real in the classroom. Taylor's long-term goal is marrying yoga with primary health care and mental wellness, and his passion for the way the body works is infectious. Catch one of his upbeat classes, and you may just find your frown turned upside down.

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Recent classes

Combine empowering, positive affirmations and the calming effect of the ocean with this sweet, guided meditation. Remaining in savasana, visualize the ocean as you focus on your breath, allowing the ebb and flow of the waves to cleanse your mind and body. You are boundless and without limits when you feel both powerful and tranquil. A great practice to start or end your day, or anytime you want to soothe and calm your body.
1 5 Taylor Harkness
Fire forges true strength and power in the world around you. Stoke the flames within your body with longer, deep holds, breath work and powerful moves in this flow centered around the burn! Expect arm balances, deep lunges, core work and standing balancing poses. Use the heat of your asana to open up your front and back body, allowing yourself to find new space. Cool your flames with pigeon, happy baby and a yummy savasana. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
2-3 45 Taylor Harkness
Longing to play around in handstand? Wondering what to do when you're up there chillin' and you have five more breaths before your teacher says to move on? Prep for handstand and play with a series of inversions and leg shapes with this practice. Move into splits, helicopter, jack knife, scorpion and baddha konasana variations. A great class if your handstand practice has a solid foundation and you're looking for a challenge. Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Inversions
3 30 Taylor Harkness

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