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Taylor Harkness

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Taylor Harkness

Taylor Harkness is an instructor bent on moving people to play both on and off the mat with skillful action, an open heart, and a healthy dose of gratitude. An avid rock climber, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, psychology nerd, nature lover, and paramedic, Taylor applies his adventurous experiences of life to his teachings and to keeping it real in the classroom. Taylor's long-term goal is marrying yoga with primary health care and mental wellness, and his passion for the way the body works is infectious. Catch one of his upbeat classes, and you may just find your frown turned upside down.

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Recent classes
Practice a breathing technique that will calm you down when things get rough. Keep this simple tool on hand so you can quickly de-escalate tension when you feel triggered, and collect yourself before you lose your cool.
This practice will focus on spacious shoulder work and artful balance poses that lengthen and uplift. You'll begin with a seated meditation, then flow through a sequence including chair twists and lunges with eagle arms. Use the space you've created to extend into bird of paradise, a beautiful, but challenging balance pose that will open your hips and strengthen your back. Continue to release your hips with pigeon and mermaid, then slowly unfurl into a rejuvenating savasana with breathwork. Props Needed: A strap. Props Suggested: A block.
Sometimes you just need to chill out for a moment. Loosen up with a few neck rolls, then settle into your body, letting go of any tension. All it takes is a few minutes to walk away feeling centered and at peace.

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