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Tara Judelle


Tara Judelle


For over 27 years Tara has experimented with all forms of movement flow, from dance to Tai Chi, to movement improvisation and ultimately yoga. An English degree from Barnard College, post-graduate studies in theatre directing and a foray into film writing and directing brought her finally to the study of yoga and meditation. Certified in the Anusara method, Tara has taught yoga extensively, both nationally and internationally, for 12 years. She has been inspired by the Body Mind Centering works of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and has studied and taught with Carlos Pomeda and Sally Kempton. For the last 4 years she has been a featured teacher as part of the YogaGlo.com team, allowing the yoga conversation to stream around the globe.

In 2010 Tara moved from her home base in Los Angeles to direct a yoga program and retreat center in Bali, Indonesia, leading to her current schedule teaching workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide.

Tara's classes focus on the discovery of embodied anatomy, bringing to the yogic tradition a scientific yet playful study of the movement vocabulary of the body and the ever-expanding perceptual awareness of the human mind.

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Recent classes

Open up your physical body for a more flexible self with this sequence designed to address areas of tightness. Using props for support, work on your hips/hamstrings, neck and shoulders to incorporate pliability in your body and develop a youthful feeling overall. Practice includes a series of reclined and seated postures like gomukhasana and cobbler's pose. A go-to practice when you want to add daily flexibility to your routine. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap. Props Suggested: A blanket.
1-2 15 Tara Judelle
Practice a series of strength building postures interspersed with intense flexibility asanas to help create elasticity and buoyancy in your body and mind. Practice parivrtta trikonasana, standing baby cradle and pigeon in a flowing sequence that peaks with hanumanasana, a mermaid variation and engaging core work. Build your capacity to adapt to new circumstances, which can help you move more easily through life's vicissitudes, with this powerful class. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Hamstrings
2-3 90 Tara Judelle
Work progressively into the area of your hips and feel yourself become grounded yet alert and ready to go. Start with standing poses and explore ever deeper into your hips by moving into seated hip openers and forward bends like eka pada galavasana prep and pigeon prep. Open your groins with baddha konasana before heading into savasana. End your practice with a seated meditation. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
Practice Focus: Hip Opener & Hips
2 45 Tara Judelle

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