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Olivia Hsu

Olivia Hsu

An elite level climber who has spent over half of her life defying gravity, Olivia Hsu found yoga to be the perfect compliment to climbing, cultivating focus and flexibility on both the mental and physical levels. She has studied Ashtanga for nearly two decades and has been studying continuously with Richard Freeman and Tim Miller for over a decade. Being an elite level athlete she has been able to find the delicate balance between practice and training and understands the myriad ways in which yoga complements doing what you love.

Olivia has appeared on the cover of magazines such as Yoga Journal and Rock and Ice, and written about yoga for climbers in publications such as Yoga Journal, Climbing, Back Packer Magazine, and featured in Mantra Magazine and Elephant Journal, among others. She has climbed and practiced yoga with some of the best in the world including Chris Sharma and Jimmy Chin and is passionate about bringing yoga to the next generation of climbers.

Olivia’'s classes are rooted in cultivating mindfulness that flows from a focused and continuous asana practice be it in the yoga shala or climbing on the crag. Her unique understanding of the nuances within both disciplines enables her to build flexibility, stamina, strength, and awareness in her students while reaching new experiential summits and full body freedom. Olivia travels extensively throughout the year leading classes, retreats, and intensives in dozens of countries all over the world, bringing her unique combination of experience and perspective to both dedicated yoga practitioners and professional climbers alike.

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Recent classes
Fire up your lats and get strength in your shoulder girdle with pincha mayurasana, a pose that integrates your upper body to your core, as well as promotes stability. Move through a quick punch of postures that teach proper arm alignment, like dolphin. Practicing this pose gives you greater power in your lats and arms, exactly what you're looking for as a climber.
Climbing requires body and core tension. Blast your body with this class designed to help strengthen your core and sides, so that you can maintain good tension on the rock. Practice a fast-paced sequence that includes activating abdominal work in plank and vasisthasana. Feel more integrated throughout your sides and entire core, while also strengthening your shoulders. Make this a dynamic addition to your regular routine, any time of day!
Your shoulders and chest tend to be classically tight as a climber. The region below your collar bones and front of chest is crucial to stretch and open up. Increase flexibility and range of movement with this class designed to create expansion. Practice a backbend sequence that includes sphinx, locust pose and bridge to expand your chest and activate your back. Bring balance to your overdeveloped shoulder areas and release tension in your chest.

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