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For the past 15 years Jo has dedicated her life to the yogic lineage of Krishnamacharya; whose teachings became the gateway to advanced studies in: Insight Meditation, Shiatsu & 5 Element Theory, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology and Core Shamanism. The root of her personal practice began as a child in the remote deserts of Western Australia, where the eternal landscape and aboriginal dreamtime lit the fire within her as a seeker of life's truths.

Jo's class creates an opportunity for you to dive deeply into your own inner waters and explore nature, truth, universal connectivity and to practice radical self-care. Los Angeles has been a home base to her vinyasa flow roots where she has studied with Annie Carpenter, Chad Hamrin, Max Strom, Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffmann and Lisa Walford. Jo teaches a signature meditative lyrical flow and is the founding teacher at Yogaglo, the world's first planetary cyber yoga school. "Power and Purpose" the second of her four part DVD series called "High Vibrations Yoga" is soon to be released.

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Recent classes

Yoga nidra is deep rest straddling the worlds of wakefulness and sleep. In this place, insightful observation of your inner world is possible. Use this time to reflect on your sankalpa, or your intention, while engaging in sensory somatic awareness. While quieting your mind and actively resting your body, begin to cultivate your heartfelt prayer for peace, both inside and out. Come out of this meditation with a new perspective and profound sense of serenity. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Practice Focus: Yoga Nidra
1-2 45 Jo Tastula
Target your hard to reach mid-back area with this quick and effective class. Tension can build up in your middle back from activities like working, driving, sitting and traveling. Practice a sequence of movements to bring greater awareness to your spine, lengthening and stretching out with twists and supported backbends such as supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle). Feel the tension melt away from your body as you discover a deep sense of relief. Props Suggested: A blanket
Practice Focus: Back & Back
2 15 Jo Tastula
Resist pressing the fast-forward button on your life and open to the uniqueness of each moment. Building in intensity from seated shoulder and chest openers to crescent side plank vinyasas, continue to let the heat grow in a methodical and meditative way. Dolphin pose adds strength to your upper body, with peacock prep poses (hip openers) sprinkled throughout. A challenging standing balance sequence follows, finishing with lotus and arm balance play. Props Suggested: A strap and a blanket.
2-3 60 Jo Tastula

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