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Jo Tastula

"Yoga on the mat is a sacred laboratory where we can shed our protective exterior and be with ourselves in a deep and healing way."

Jo offers over 15 years of experience in leading Vinyasa Flow classes that are devoted to creating a sacred space in which you can channel energy towards transformative and life affirming means. This is done through intention, dedication, prayer, conscious breath, sound and movements that reflect radical self care in the truth of the moment. Vinyasa is an unhurried exploratory and creative flow that is steeped in the traditions of yoga master Krishnamacharya and the yoga traditions of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. With over 20 years of practice and devotion to the healing arts including; meditation, Shiatsu & 5 Element Theory, Energetic Bodywork, Prenatal/Post Natal yoga, Nutrition, Anatomy/Physiology and Core Shamanism; Jo brings into the practice a reverence for the mystery of life and encourages all students to practice with spontaneity by stepping into the unknown.

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Women's Moon Circle
Jo Tastula

Heighten your powers of creativity and intuition by harnessing the potent energy of the moon. This course will help you observe and align with nature's rhythms, and awaken your innate feminine wisdom.

8 Chapters
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Play with your fluid nature as you move through this continuous vinyasa sequence. Start with a meditation and then open up your whole body by moving through a wave-like flow. You'll explore lunges and upper back openers, then glide to the floor into salabhasana and side planks. Transitions can be just as interesting as the poses themselves when you become totally absorbed into what is called "the flow state."
Practice a rich, introspective flow designed to address any mental, emotional or physical tension in your body. Cultivate greater awareness in your body-mind with this fluid sequencing that brings special attention to your breath. Classical surya namaskars warm you up, moving into deep standing forward bends, twists, side stretches and supported backbends. Allow for the release of excess stress in your body in order to create greater inner calm and mental quiet. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Start your morning by connecting to the mystery and potential of a new day. Notice all the sounds and sensations surrounding you as a fresh morning opens up. Breathe deeply into your body and experience the rich creative current on which life is constantly unfolding. Enjoy a feeling of calm presence that you can carry with you throughout your day.

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