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Giselle Mari

Vinyasa Flow Yin

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Giselle Mari

Vinyasa Flow Yin

Giselle Mari is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher and E-RYT500 whose introduction to yoga in the early 90s was a natural progression from her gymnastics/dance background, her passion for music and being raised by a bohemian flamenco dancer. Being a bit of a wild child, she was later drawn to the Jivamukti Yoga method. Soon thereafter she began her extensive study with her gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life who she joyfully assisted throughout the western U.S. for almost 5 years.

Described as "spunky" by her teacher Sharon Gannon, Giselle is known for her sustainable & insightful classes that infuse funky eclectic music, chanting, skillful hands on assists, a down to earth approach to yoga and an all around good time for your soul.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Giselle also teaches at studios, festivals and conferences around the globe. She's appeared on the cover of Yoga Journal and Yoga International and has been featured in many of their articles. She is an ambassador for Gaiam, a columnist for Origin magazine, is on the advisory board for The Art of Yoga Project and has had the honor to serve as a mentor on the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training Faculty.

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Recent classes

Springboard into gratefulness with this peaceful practice. Begin by tuning into yourself, holding a brief silence so you can reflect on and acknowledge your areas of gratitude. Before sitting, create a list of 1-3 aspects in your life that you are grateful for, as this can be the foundation for your meditation. Don't worry if you don’t know off the top of your head, as gratitude entry points may come to you as you meditate. Props Suggested: A blanket, a notebook and a pen or pencil
1 5 Giselle Mari
Stoke your internal fire by playing with dragon poses in this deep and accessible practice. With plenty of release interspersed, give a hearty opening to the entirety of your hips, thighs and low back through a series of lunge variations, allowing deep hip work to stimulate your stomach and spleen meridians. Conclude with a seated meditation or restorative savasana, to integrate all the wonderful components of your practice. Come away feeling invigorated. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.
Practice Focus: Hip Opener & Hips
2 45 Giselle Mari
This bite sized class offers a little party for your whole body when you want a quick, effective flow. Practice a series of postures that activate a little of everything! Begin with a warming cat/cow sequence, moving through postures like forward fold, malasana and spinal twists. Conclude with a brief savasana, if your time allows. A great practice anytime you're looking for a short and sweet boost. Props Suggested: A blanket.
1 5 Giselle Mari

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