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Darren Rhodes

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Darren Rhodes

Darren Rhodes has been the director of YogaOasis in Tucson, Arizona since 1999. He is the founder of YogaHour, an accessible, inexpensive, expertly-taught flow yoga class that offers clear and specific alignment instructions for each pose. He is the author and model of the Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook featuring photographs of Darren in 400 yoga poses with instructions. Yoga Journal named him one of the "21 Talented Young Teachers Shaping the Future of Yoga."

Darren, while known for his ability to perform all yoga postures, is dedicated to making yoga accessible. Darren's classes are innovative and authentic, focusing on making the doable difficult and the difficult doable. Join Darren on YogaGlo for a fun and challenging class!

Darren lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife Bronwin and son Dagda. He offers YogaHour Teacher Trainings and workshops nationally and internationally. You can find Darren's teaching schedule and his books, CDs, and posters on his website.

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Inform Your Flow
Darren Rhodes

In this course, study with Darren Rhodes and learn the art of alignment articulation in a flow class setting. Clear and specific alignment cues are sure to evolve your student's practices while also promoting safety. Just as practice is a gift that keeps on giving, this course aims to be a gain that keeps on gaining value.

11 Chapters
Recent classes
When driving, do you go the speed limit? Consider the calm you feel knowing you're not pushing that radar. When practicing, it's easy to break the "stretch limit," so to speak. This sequence encourages you to find strength in going a few miles under your limit. Warm up with lunges and powerful pose, moving on to activating core work and bowing sage. Slow down with savasana, to soak in the effects of your practice.
Feeling obligated to practice is no fun. So, what can be fun? Asking yourself, "what if?" Pose this question to yourself and become interested in finding out how it may impact your life. Move through an assortment of lunge postures, belly down backbending, standing poses, arm balances and forward folds. Strengthen and stretch with poses like upward bow and parsvottanasana III. Enjoy this compact sequence and walk away feeling more empowered. Props Suggested: A strap, a block and a blanket.
Yoga teachings have said that the best way for a student to advance their practice is to relax. As it turns out, accessing relaxation is not very relaxing! It takes tremendous work, as does this practice. Move into a long serious of forward folds, twists and hip openers with a few arm balances sprinkled in. Practice deep hamstrings stretches and reset in siddhasana throughout. By the time you hit savasana, you will feel saturated with calm.

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