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Claire Missingham

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Claire Missingham

What makes Claire's teaching special is an ability to be spiritual yet down-to-earth, teach disciplined alignment yet have a sense of humour - and a way of getting to the heart of yoga so passionately. Claire has created a renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD and music for yoga CD and regularly appears as a writer and model in Yoga Journal magazine, as well as teaching at Yoga Journal LIVE conferences in the USA. Claire runs a successful yoga teacher training programme having trained over 100 teachers in Europe in the past 5 years.

Claire is also a proud mother and a passionate cook - she loves running in nature, usually smiling, listening to loud music & singing at the top of her voice.

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Recent classes
Preparing your body and mind for rest can help you sleep more soundly and deeply. This bedtime meditation features gentle alternate nostril breathing to coax you into stillness. Set aside a few moments in your nighttime routine, and breathe your way to better sleep. Props Suggested: A bolster and blanket.
This unique class offers an opportunity to learn while you move! Explore four sets of asanas with a deeper myth or metaphor attached. You'll begin with sun salutations to hone your concentration, then flow slowly through each sequence, learning yoga philosophy along the way. Whether you've been looking to deepen your practice or just shake things up, this intelligent and creative flow is for you. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a bolster.
Experience the sweetness of moving with love and devotion while on your moon cycle, or during a new or full moon. This warming, nourishing sequence will open your hips, sides, shoulders and neck, and soothe the energy of your endocrine system. Lull your mind into stillness with smooth, circular motions that are a balm for any stress or exhaustion. Props Needed: Two blankets.

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