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Claire Missingham

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Claire Missingham

What makes Claire's teaching special is an ability to be spiritual yet down-to-earth, teach disciplined alignment yet have a sense of humour - and a way of getting to the heart of yoga so passionately. Claire has created a renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD and music for yoga CD and regularly appears as a writer and model in Yoga Journal magazine, as well as teaching at Yoga Journal LIVE conferences in the USA. Claire runs a successful yoga teacher training programme having trained over 100 teachers in Europe in the past 5 years.

Claire is also a proud mother and a passionate cook - she loves running in nature, usually smiling, listening to loud music & singing at the top of her voice.

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Recent classes
Turn your regular vinyasa experience on its head with a practice that, nevertheless, feels so right. After a warm up with breathwork, this class dives head first into headstand, then works its way gradually down to your feet. You'll journey through each of your seven chakras, balancing and refining your pranic body, so you leave feeling unmistakably grounded and calm. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Reap the pranic benefits of practicing kriyas with rapid movements as you work up a sweat. These simple, fast-paced kriyas will challenge your core and strengthen your digestive fire. Summon all your willpower and don't hold back during alternate leg lifts, mountain climbers and side-to-side crunches. These potent moves will have you feeling energized and empowered in just ten minutes. Props Needed: Two blocks.
This lovely morning routine focuses on moving the spine in all directions, as you flow through poses with dance-like fluidity. Experience a gradual awakening as you activate your body’s systems for the day. Explore gorgeous variations of backbends like urdhva dhanurasana, settle into a long hold in paschimottanasana, then focus inward with a brief morning meditation to close.

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