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Alex van Frank

Alex van Frank

Alex van Frank is a yoga teacher, wholesome food advocate and mother. She has been bringing cultures and people together throughout her world travels and teaching. Born in Europe and raised in South America and the United States she brings a global view in both her teaching style and in accessibility.

Yoga and meditation are her way of bringing awareness, loving kindness, abate the causes of suffering and bring a sense of community to her students. She has created "Big Love Yoga", which emphasizes the cross-cultural accessibility of yoga for all body shapes and mindsets, regardless of limitations. Alex creates a compassionate environment in which students can learn what is important and true to their own body and mind, whether that be physical strength, mental calmness or something in more.

Alex is a member of The International Association of Yoga Therapists and has experience in various forms of yoga including restorative, hatha, vinyasa, therapeutics, meditation and most recently in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. Alex received a BA in English from the University of Michigan and a JD from Washington University School of Law. Based out of San Diego, California she teaches public classes and has a thriving private practice. When not in town she can be found leading and teaching internationally at retreats or practicing belly-laughing therapy with locals. Visit Alex's Website

Recent classes
Wiggle those buns through a quick sequence of back-relieving poses. Bring more ease to your body by opening your hips and lower back. No floor work here! You'll jump right up to your feet and get your lower body moving from the start. A fun practice to clear your mind; help yourself stand, bend and walk better; and shake away tension.
A gently-paced sequence designed for the bigger body. But don't let that fool you! This is a dynamic, well-rounded class that will benefit everybody. Enjoy a simple, fun series of poses that includes creative use of a chair, moving through lunges, chair pose, twists and hip openers. One of the benefits you will find is a renewed sense of commitment to your practice. Touching your toes is not required, however putting in your best effort is highly encouraged. Props Needed: A chair.
Classical Indian dance moves inspired this slow warm up for the joints and muscles of your upper body. Gently stretch and strengthen with circular, fluid movements of your head, neck, arms, upper back and wrists. Hand gestures known as mudras will also be used. Become aware of the subtle muscles of your wrists, hands and neck while paying attention to your eye movements, to assist in improving your mobility and mood.

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