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Partner Yoga

Yoga assisted or performed with another yogi.

Partner yoga includes flowing vinyasas, where students assist their partner in each pose of the sequence like a playful dance, and poses of static and dynamic symmetry where both students utilize the strength and sensitivity of one another.

Learn a few gentle and effective massage techniques with your partner that you can practice any time, anywhere. Focus on muscles in your lower body, especially paying attention to your partner's feet, calves and thighs. Connect with your partner as you communicate to achieve the ultimate experience in relaxation and rejuvenation. A great practice to do before bed, after a yoga practice or after standing on your feet all day. Feel good and enjoy! Props Needed: Two blankets.
How often do you take a moment to look into someone else's eyes and connect on a deeper level? Eye gazing can be very intimidating and challenging, so take a moment with your partner to acknowledge their raw vulnerability. Expect to go deeper into your heart openers, shoulder stretches and test your balance in poses like dancer and warrior 3.
Create bliss and ultimate relaxation for your partner with this massage inspired class. Focusing on muscles in your partner's lower and upper back. Use your hands as instruments to ease tight spaces, and learn to communicate and work hands on with your partner. Develop language to ask for what you need and well as ways that you can give and show love. Take time to enjoy both the giver and the recipient roles. Props Needed: Two blankets.
Connection is an essential part of human existence. Take a pause from all the modern day forms of connection to drop in with another. Begin class back to back with your partner and breathing together before taking a supported partner twist. Royal dancer is your peak pose. Savor each breath and mindful moment as you move through a nourishing and balanced partner practice with your mate, family member or loved one. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap.
Work with your partner on releasing muscles in your traps, back and neck. You do need a bit of shoulder mobility for this class. Come with an open mind and a desire to give as well as receive. Use this class after a long stressful day at work or anytime you or your partner feel your shoulders creeping up to your ears. Reconnect, release and rejuvenate together. If you like, take savasana on your own. Props Needed: Two blankets.
Pulling actions are often lacking when it comes to a solo yoga asana practice. With the support of another, create levers that help you achieve this action. Enjoy supporting and being supported in your core, quads, arms and shoulders with partner squats, pull ups and pincha mayurasana play. Creating connection through play with your friends and loved ones is what partner yoga is all about. Repeat this class to reverse partner roles.
Connect through verbal and nonverbal communication and experience the benefits of deepening your postures with the support of another. Move through easy seated twists, heart openers and forward folds like baddhakonasana, upavisthakonasana and pascimottasana. Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on your mat!

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