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When you merge the mind, body, and senses through yoga practice, being mindfully present, you are either preparing for Meditation, or Meditating: a process that can foster self-acceptance, exploration, awareness, mind/body balance and compassion.

Accessing the incredible benefits of yoga nidra need not be complicated. This practice shows you the steps and reveals the foundational elements to successfully practicing. Let go of all holding, all physical restriction, allowing your breath to become totally effortless. It is here that you discover yourself as a spacious witness, body and mind are asleep (at peace), and simultaneously, awake. Experience yourself in yoga nidra.
Practice Focus: Yoga Nidra
1-2 20 Rod Stryker
Meditate on your dharma, your deep purpose, and consider if you are being true to your highest power. Give yourself these moments to breath into this space to acknowledge your truest soul purpose. Focus on releasing yourself from every leash that may be pulling you away from your highest being. If you find yourself unable to identify your dharma, make it your mission to uncover it. Honor your soul and live your truth. Props Suggested: A blanket and a bolster.
2 20 David Harshada Wagner
Follow sound to its source in silence, then take the sound back to your heart. Bring your total focus to the resonating sounds of the gong as it is played throughout the meditation. Tune into the energy and nourishing vibrations as you go deeper into a state of calm and internal silence. A great practice to do either lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, any time of day or night. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster or pillow to sit on.
1-2 10 Sally Kempton
A meditation for yogis that have a basic meditation practice established. First drop into this space by finding a comfortable seat and observing noises around you and your body's senses both internally and externally. Let go of control and judgement as you sit and welcome all that is unfolding moment to moment. Develop in just moments a heightened sense of awareness while being in your natural state. Be open to the now and what is in the here and now. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster to sit on.
1-2 5 Jo Tastula
Practice a traditional mantra meditation that helps install mantra into your body parts progressively. Start in a comfortable seated position, using a bolster, pillow or blanket for support, if accessible. Meditate on the chant of 'ram' as you envision the mantra moving throughout your being, including your heart and belly. Welcome all emotions and thoughts and maintain a steady rhythm of this chant. Come back to this effective meditation again and again. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster
2 30 David Harshada Wagner
Start your day off with awareness and presence with this gentle guided meditation. Jump right into your daily practice and allow it to be a simple introduction to bringing presence into your life. Begin in a comfortable seated position and tune inward, allow yourself to notice the potential that exists in the space of your day ahead. A great way to make meditation a part of your everyday routine. Props Suggested: A blanket or a bolster.
Practice Focus: Morning
1-2 5 Tiffany Cruikshank
A morning ritual designed to start your day on the right foot. Using blankets as support, find a comfortable position and bring awareness to your body, opening through your chin and throat as you lengthen your spine. Focus in on the energy that you're hoping to cultivate more of in your day. Revel in that feeling and allow it to have a presence in your life as you go forth with a fresh perspective. Props Needed: A blanket. Props suggested: Two blankets.
Practice Focus: Morning
1-2 10 Amy Ippoliti
Get yourselves ready by first creating a space to sit together as a couple. Connect to your experience of pregnancy by first acknowledging each other and breathing together. Recognize the challenges as well as the bliss you both have faced, and know that it will pass and a new chapter will start. Call upon feelings of gratitude for all that you have for each other, and fostering the energetic reality of being "three." Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Practice Focus: Postnatal
1-2 15 David Harshada Wagner
Begin by softening your body, then allow yourself to breathe particles of golden light into every cell, stimulating and rejuvenating from the inside out. Allow your thoughts to soften and feel how your body releases into this light as you go deeper. Conclude your practice by tuning in to the sound of the gong. Do this meditation any time of day or night for an overall sense of peace and ease. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster or pillow to sit on.
2 20 Sally Kempton
It’s easy to consume yourself with the stories that hold you back, often times your comparison to others, old beliefs of never being enough, the list goes on. Take the mantra "I am at peace" and "no stress can touch me" to center yourself amidst even the most hectic of times. Use this opportunity to step back, breathe and come back to what is really important at the end of the day. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Practice Focus: Stress Reduction
1-2 5 Kathryn Budig
Focus on the madhya, the middle space between breaths, thoughts and moments of the day. Meditate on this space between breaths, moving on to a lecture about mornings and evenings being spaces between waking and sleeping. Observe the quality of your mind and thoughts, when your breath is neither inhale or exhale. Invite yourself to discover your inner magnificence, using this meditation as an opportunity to feel reborn. Props suggested: A bolster or blanket to sit on.
2 45 David Harshada Wagner
At the beginning of every new year, you may set resolutions for the year ahead. Focus on stepping into this year with a positive and healthy outlook about yourself and your future with a simple meditation. Be guided deeper inward by bringing gentle attention to your breath, discovering your valuable presence. Although there is always room for personal growth and improvement, it's important to remember that you are already enough, just the way you are!
Practice Focus: Seasonal
1 10 Steven Espinosa

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