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Mind/body awareness and compassionate self-exploration.

When you merge the mind, body, and senses through yoga practice, being mindfully present, you are either preparing for Meditation, or Meditating: a process that can foster self-acceptance, exploration, awareness, mind/body balance and compassion.

Get unstuck and come into the present moment with this calming sequence. Begin seated wherever you may be, or lay down onto your back. Practice a sweeping breath - sweeping out attachment and sweeping in a sense of non-attachment. Remember that this is different than feeling detached. Be fully engaged with your world in order to become fully present. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Climb into bed, close your eyes, and take a quiet moment to organize your thoughts. Put away any fears or stresses from the day, releasing negativity as you sink into sleep. A final guided body scan will help you surrender and relax, leaving you ready for a deep and rejuvenating rest. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Start your morning by connecting to the mystery and potential of a new day. Notice all the sounds and sensations surrounding you as a fresh morning opens up. Breathe deeply into your body and experience the rich creative current on which life is constantly unfolding. Enjoy a feeling of calm presence that you can carry with you throughout your day.
Relax deeper and deeper as you explore the five layers of your being, from your physical body to your innermost self. This calming meditation provides a total reset for your body and mind. You'll scan each layer of your awareness, softening any areas of tension, before resting in the comfort of your layer of bliss. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Explore the animal totems related to your first five energy centers. Beginning with your root, travel up your chakras through your sacrum, belly, heart and throat. Meditate upon the qualities of each animal's spirit and how it relates to your emotional and physical state of being. Props Suggested: A blanket or a bolster.
Create a visual map of your three-dimensional self. This brief meditation will help you visualize the flow of energy in your body, so you can open yourself up to the world around you. Props Suggested: A bolster or a blanket.
Take a few moments to observe your breath, gently lengthening the inhales, exhales and pauses. Let it be easy; find just the right amount and allow that to be enough. Wherever you are at, it's enough. Props Suggested: A couple blankets or a cushion to sit on.
Awaken to a space of deep calm and connection with this guided meditation. Become aware of the vast, infinite space within and around you. Sense a luminous light at your center and let it radiate in all directions, then continue your morning feeling bright and expansive. Props Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
No matter how chaotic life gets, there is a place of abiding calmness that exists within. This meditation will help you ride the waves of your breath towards that space, then steady your mind with a soothing mantra. See how it's possible to stabilize your thoughts and remain calm, even in the midst of a storm. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Preparing your body and mind for rest can help you sleep more soundly and deeply. This bedtime meditation features gentle alternate nostril breathing to coax you into stillness. Set aside a few moments in your nighttime routine, and breathe your way to better sleep. Props Suggested: A bolster and blanket.
Ease into the sweet softness of evening and prepare for a peaceful sleep. This breath-centered meditation will help you exhale the contents of your day and gently transition to the feminine energy of nighttime. You'll practice both ujjayi and alternate nostril breathing, to gradually quiet your interior space and summon a deeply restorative rest. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Don't let stress hijack your day. Create a little distance to remind yourself that you are not your situation. This brief meditation will help you let go of anxious thoughts and soften commonly tense areas in your body, so you can keep yourself lifted when stressful times strike. Props Suggested: A block or bolster.

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