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When you merge the mind, body, and senses through yoga practice, being mindfully present, you are either preparing for Meditation, or Meditating: a process that can foster self-acceptance, exploration, awareness, mind/body balance and compassion.

It’s easy to consume yourself with the stories that hold you back, often times your comparison to others, old beliefs of never being enough, the list goes on. Take the mantra "I am at peace" and "no stress can touch me" to center yourself amidst even the most hectic of times. Use this opportunity to step back, breathe and come back to what is really important at the end of the day. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Practice Focus: Stress Reduction
1-2 5 Kathryn Budig
Focus on the madhya, the middle space between breaths, thoughts and moments of the day. Meditate on this space between breaths, moving on to a lecture about mornings and evenings being spaces between waking and sleeping. Observe the quality of your mind and thoughts, when your breath is neither inhale or exhale. Invite yourself to discover your inner magnificence, using this meditation as an opportunity to feel reborn. Props suggested: A bolster or blanket to sit on.
2 45 David Harshada Wagner
At the beginning of every new year, you may set resolutions for the year ahead. Focus on stepping into this year with a positive and healthy outlook about yourself and your future with a simple meditation. Be guided deeper inward by bringing gentle attention to your breath, discovering your valuable presence. Although there is always room for personal growth and improvement, it's important to remember that you are already enough, just the way you are!
Practice Focus: Seasonal
1 10 Steven Espinosa
Bring a lightness to your whole being with this brief and effective meditation you can practice everywhere, any time. Find a comfortable posture sitting with your props or lying in savasana. Begin by placing a half smile on your lips, and continue to bring this smile throughout the rest of your body as you meditate. Conclude with the sound of the gong, keeping in the inner smile as you continue with your day. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster or pillow to sit on.
1-2 5 Sally Kempton
Either seated on the floor or seated in a chair, use this quick practice when you need to eliminate and shed any emotional or mental tension or stress. After a few deep sighs, relax into your upright position and focus on the space in between your eye brows. Bring your awareness on your breath, drawing it in and out through the nose. Continue this for a few minutes, and notice how peace and ease develop. Props Needed: A bolster or something to sit on.
Practice Focus: Breath
1-2 5 Rod Stryker
Rest deeply through this guided meditation in savasana. Gently focus your mental attention on a sixty-one point body scan before connecting with physical feelings of lightness and heaviness. Travel beyond your physical body into the subtle realm, finding balance in your inner elements. Finish your meditation feeling refreshed and more relaxed. A great practice anytime you need an energetic reboot, or perhaps before lying down for a good night's rest. Drop in and let go. Props Suggested: Two or three blankets and a bolster.
Practice Focus: Yoga Nidra
1-2 30 Jo Tastula
Orient yourself to receive miracles with a potent meditation to shift the energy and open your interior space. Enjoy this beautiful practice when feeling disconnected or when you need a shift in perspective. Settle in and enjoy one minute of breath of fire. Focus your attention on nourishing the space inside your head, the place that determines how you see. Gain perspective so that you see the miracles all around you.
1-2 5 Elena Brower
Cultivate undistracted awareness and interior light by imagining a steady flame in the cave of your heart. Begin by sitting comfortably on a three- to six-inch support and releasing the weight of your leg bones and pelvis into the cushion. As you settle into a very light rhythm with your breath, imagine this heart flame burning steadily. A great meditation to do for five to forty five minutes if you have the time at home. Props Needed: A bolster and a blanket.
Practice Focus: Heart
2-3 15 Tias Little
Whether you feel on top of the world, exhausted or in a time of recovery, enter into a practice of deep rest and positive affirmation for the special time after your baby is born. Give yourself permission to take time and connect with your new reality. Know that this is a temporary state, so feel yourself embracing and honoring your body as a vessel and where you are today. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster.
Practice Focus: Postnatal
1-2 15 David Harshada Wagner
With every breath, expand into the widest possible awareness. Practice letting go into the life force itself, and allowing yourself to be breathed by the universe. Dissolve all barriers between skin and the outside world, moving from right to left sides of your body. As every pore opens to create more space for breath, recognize that you are forever breathing with the universe. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster or pillow to sit on.
Practice Focus: Breath
1-2 15 Sally Kempton
Follow your breath into presence with a practice that helps release worry and anxiety. Begin in a comfortable seated position and welcome in your inhales, however imperfect, and exhale, releasing fully. Without resistance, see if you can allow every thought in, even the most challenging ones. Then simply witness as your breath and your thoughts float away. The lesson of the breath is the lesson of the heart. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: A bolster
Practice Focus: Stress Reduction
1-2 5 Annie Carpenter
Focus on shifting from overwhelm to ease with breathing cues that remind you that your breath is a blessed exchange with the planet. Breath is tied to the plant life in the ecosystems, infinitely supported by each other. Your inhale is a plant's exhale, and your exhale is it's inhale. Be guided to mediate on your breath and relax into this simple, soothing space. Release your overwhelming thought by embracing gentle oneness with the world.
Practice Focus: Stress Reduction
1-2 5 Marc Holzman

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