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Mind/body awareness and compassionate self-exploration.

When you merge the mind, body, and senses through yoga practice, being mindfully present, you are either preparing for Meditation, or Meditating: a process that can foster self-acceptance, exploration, awareness, mind/body balance and compassion.

Use the calming power of your breath to cleanse your body of tension or stagnation. This light and accessible pranayama practice will help you let go of what you choose to release, and set you up for "rest and digest" mode.
Imagine your body as a constellation of lights, then take a guided tour, point by point. Lay back and find a steady, neutral space inside, where you feel fully relaxed, yet aware. Let your mind quiet, let your body quiet, and allow yourself to gradually soften. Props Needed. Two blankets.
A smart, simple way to start your day mindfully. You'll attune to the sensations of your body and breath, so you can remain connected throughout the rest of your day. Props Suggested: A bolster, a blanket, and a block.
Learn how to radiate love into your past, present and future with this meditation on kindness and compassion. Direct your attention to your heart center, threading your senses through your heart. Amplify the energy of love within you, then relax into an expansive space of loving kind awareness. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
This is an active, but deeply calming meditation that uses simple breathing techniques to soothe tension. Practice three minutes of ujjayi breathing with hands in jnana mudra, then three minutes of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) followed by a long meditation in savasana. Props Suggested: Blankets as needed to feel comfortable.
This introduction to meditation was created especially for teens who may be feeling pressure from school, exams, friends or family. Settle into an easy seated pose for a guided visualization practice that you can learn and repeat in your mind at any time. Escape to the centre of yourself and feel steady, supported and loved from inside. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
Practice a breathing technique that will calm you down when things get rough. Keep this simple tool on hand so you can quickly de-escalate tension when you feel triggered, and collect yourself before you lose your cool.
Create an inner peace so strong that it emanates into the space around you. Clear and refresh your mind with kapalabhati pranayama (shining skull breath) then create quiet and balance with nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). Settle into an experience of inner peace, then amplify its force into the space around you, allowing it to expand and fill your home with tranquility. Suggested Props: A blanket or bolster.
Yoga traditions refer to your inner space as the ocean of your heart. Practice this guided experience as you turn your awareness inward to your breath, allowing thoughts to arise as little waves of awareness within. In the waves of your thoughts, memories may arise. Without attachment, observe the ebb and flow of these little waves, letting them return to the ocean of awareness on their own. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Visualize your own personal sun overhead, giving you energy and perspective to start the day. Let your sun shower you with light, washing away tension and infusing vitality into every cell. Immerse yourself in liquid sunshine, bringing loving warmth to areas of emotional hurt, and brightness to your mind. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Thoughts come and go of their own volition. You can choose to go with them, or simply watch them pass. This class will help you get set up and centered, then provide more than 5 minutes of silence to be with yourself. Observe your thinking without trying to change it, and open to the perspective that you are not your thoughts. The key to meditation is to sit every day, so return to this class again and again! Props Suggested: A blanket to sit on.
The chakras evoke mystery, an artistic imagination and connection to the subtle body. Take a guided journey from the first chakra at your tailbone to your seventh chakra at the crown of your head. Tune into the vibration, the nerves and pulses along your spine and discover how each energy center is a source of power and great feeling inside. Props Suggested: A blanket or a bolster.

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