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Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

Springtime presents the opportunity to come out from the hibernation for a more self loving practice. Support the changing needs of your body with gentle twists and back strengthening poses. Move through a series of poses on the floor that will assist in bringing a sense of openness. This is a great way to get an all over body awakening. End your practice in a savasana meditation on gratitude and love. Props Suggested: A bolster and two blocks.
Practice Focus: Seasonal
1-2 45 Alex van Frank
Let Your Breath Breathe Itself - Meditation teaches that thoughts come and go on their own and to not identify with nor pursue them. In this sequence, how about trying the same with your breath? Practice deepening awareness of your breath and the breath itself. Flow through a variation of surya namaskara, moving on to a challenging standing sequence, then remaining low to the ground to cultivate inner steadiness for arm balances like turned crane. Leave feeling stronger and settled.
Practice Focus: Breath
2 45 Darren Rhodes
Sides of your legs feeling tight? Stretch and strengthen your iliotibial (I.T.) band while sneaking in some core work with this compact sequence. Begin supine with strap supported postures, warming up your lateral core with side body stretches. Then move on to forward folds, hip openers and standing balances that include eka pada utkatasana. Conclude back down on your mat with gentle twists and savasana, feeling the delicious effects of your practice. Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Core Strength & IT Band
1-2 30 Taylor Harkness
Welcome in your highest vision for the New Year ahead. Practice short flows with a focus on alignment for your shoulders and hips to open the energy in your interior portals. Match your breathing with movements, cultivating rhythm to quiet any turmoil in your mind, to set your entire being up for self-mastery. Learn to value the formal alignment of postures so the formality overshadows preferences and tendencies of the past, opening up to vastness.
Practice Focus: Hips
2-3 75 Elena Brower
Reset your mind and return back to more kind and loving thoughts. Practice free-flowing seated movements in a sequence that will be sure to warm your spine in all directions. Move through the sequence several times to get deeper into your heart. Tune in to your breath, moving into deep forward folds, concluding with meditation. Add this to any morning or evening routine to calm your busy mind and reset your intentions.
2 10 Chelsey Korus
Move through a guided sequence that teaches you how to fully empty out your breath. Practice postures designed to help completely release all the air out of your lungs, diaphragm and ribs during exhalation, bringing more awareness to your core. When you fully exhale, you create the space for deeper inhales, allowing for more prana (life force). Invite more vitality into your life and incorporate this practice into your daily routine. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: Two blankets, a bolster and a block.
Practice Focus: Breath
1 10 Tias Little
When you're ready to take a rest day from climbing and conditioning, your body still wants to move. Gentle, restorative postures will help promote relaxation as well as help you stay limber for your next climbing session. Take a few minutes to move into child's pose, side body stretches, seated twists and supine postures like happy baby. Enjoy a short savasana, or relax into it longer, if time allows. Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 10 Taylor Harkness
Stretching out at the crag is an important part of a successful day of climbing. These quick and simple yoga moves will prep you for your adventurous day ahead. Begin by bringing heat into your hips with squat poses, building energy as you move into lunges, engaging your upper body with arm variations and activating your whole being with backbends. Walk away feeling warmed up and ready to climb! Props Suggested: A strap.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Taylor Harkness
Stretch out between climbs with this sequence that will give you the perfect amount of prep for your next sending burn when climbing. Work it with arm exercises and forearm stretches that help get that lactic acid moving out of your pumped arms. Sometimes stretching too much can cause muscles to not fire as well, but this class will help you stretch just the right amount for your send burn.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Give your hands some attention with this quick class designed to bring relief to your overworked wrists, hands and forearms. Improve mobility in your wrists and fingers with exercises that also engage your upper body. Begin seated with poses that work your side body, then move into creative, fluid movements that stretch out and lengthen your hand's ligaments.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Give your toes a little love! As a climber, you cram your feet into climbing shoes day in and day out. Keep those climbing toes happy with a sequence designed to stretch them out. Begin standing and bring awareness to your feet by grounding out your toes before moving on to a series of subtle, but effective, poses that feel oh-so-good to your toes. Props Suggested: A block.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Olivia Hsu
This mindful practice helps you engage in your legs and build awareness in your hamstring sit-bone connection. Hamstrings are often overlooked in conditioning, and this class helps you bring strength to those muscles, so you can heel hook with more ease. Sequencing includes forward folds, pulsing lunge exercises, lengthening leg stretches and bridge pose.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1-2 10 Olivia Hsu

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