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Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

Empower and invigorate your mind-body with this playful, all-around sequence. Challenging poses make cameos throughout to keep them in the yoga fray - if someone doesn't practice them, who will? Advanced poses come with several stages to make the difficult more doable. Warm up your spine, shoulders and back before moving on to core work, leg strengthening and arm balances like parsva bakasana. Work on challenging backbends like gherandasana before cooling down with deep forward folds.
2-3 90 Darren Rhodes
Recalibrate and feel a rush of energetic circulation and nourishment! Practice locating subtle sensitivity through a sequence of backbends and standing postures, leading into cross-body movements that include parivrtta ardha chandrasana (revolved half moon) and a twisting downward facing dog sequence. Move into hip openers like pigeon, concluding with a soothing meditation and savasana. Cultivate a sound, strong body to see the world through a harmonious, balanced frame of mind. Props Needed: A blanket.
2 90 Elena Brower
Practice glorious chest and heart openers with this juicy releasing sequence. Layer on the props and watch the layers of tightness and stress melt away as you use this support to open your upper body, chest and heart space. Practice longer holds to get deeper into the openings as you move through postures like supported bridge, baddha konasana and upward bow. This is going to become your daily favorite. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and a strap.
2 15 Kathryn Budig
Move through a brief, yet effective sequence that uses a chair to practice simple, supported backbending. Allow yourself to release into the chair, using your hands as additional support. This practice includes pranayama to invigorate you when you are feeling physically or mentally rundown. Most chairs will work, but please be sure you have a stable chair that does not move or turn. This quick class can be done at home or in the office. Props Needed: A chair. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Practice Focus: Backbends
1-2 5 Tiffany Cruikshank
According to yoga teachings, an awakened yogi is filled with a joy-filled wonderment. This moderately-paced class will take you on a journey of poses that invite you to delight in the joy of being embodied, and will call forth the simple delight of being. Move from standing poses to challenging arm balances, inversions, and hip openers, then conclude your practice with a short pranayama and meditation, to return you to the miracle of your own self. Props Needed: Two blocks.
2-3 45 Tara Judelle
Progression in yoga involves a slow journey from outer to inner and from coarse to subtle. Begin with a ten minute meditation and spend the first half of your practice on the floor, working your hip in variations of baddhakonasana. Then similar actions in a slow moving standing series. Finish with a meditation on the subtle feelings. Props Suggested: A block, a blanket, a strap and a bolster.
1-2 90 Tias Little
The 5 most essential poses in yoga? Find the answer in this practice. Some hints: they are not standing poses, although standing poses help prepare you for them; handstand is not one of them; each one of the five is tri-dosha--meaning they are good for everyone's constitution. This delicious practice builds immunity, improves sleep and internal organ function, stokes gastric fire and releases muscular tension, in other words, it tones the entire body and mind. Includes ending meditation.
2 90 Rod Stryker
Stretch your front side and strengthen your back body to help improve your walking stride, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting. This slow, yet intense, practice will strengthen your back, bottom and legs, while also giving you a nice elongation of your stomach, neck and hips. Notice the stiffness of your body dissipate, as you increase the flexibility of your spine with subtle backbending. Cool down with twists and postures for happy hips. Props Needed: A chair.
1-2 30 Alex van Frank
Enhance the alignment of your lower back in order to stimulate deep, free and pleasant breathing. This class will introduce easy and effective ways to release and stretch your psoas in order to align your SI joints with your low back. You'll also learn breath techniques that will train your pelvic floor and diaphragm for proper full-body movement and breathing.
Practice Focus: Psoas & Breath
1-2 20 Richard Freeman
Ever have a day when you didn't feel like practicing, but you got on your mat anyway? This no-frills class helps get you past the blah and breakthrough to ahhh. Begin in child's pose, then move into simple, seated and supine postures that include thread-the-needle, tree and bridge. You'll walk away feeling blissfully refreshed.
1 30 Darren Rhodes
Sometimes life gets out of balance. Learn to center yourself with a practice that works with asymmetrical poses. You'll test your strength and balance in variations of chair and one-handed downdog. Feel your steadiness build as you return to a more grounded, neutral space.
1-2 30 Elena Brower
This new year is not about winning. It's all about losing! Losing the delusion and suffering that comes with separation from self and from your natural world. In this calming class, slow down so you may see just how connected you are to everything. Open up with props, supported backbends, hip openers, gentle twists and forward folds. Reveal what truly matters most to you and make that your highest priority for this new year. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
Practice Focus: Seasonal
2 45 Chelsey Korus

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