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Foundational yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

Prepare to lift up into full wheel safely and intelligently. This class will open up your chest and hips, strengthen your back posterior chain, and leave you feeling totally spacious and energized as a bonus! Begin with mobility work to warm up your shoulders and hips, then move on to supported puppy pose and lizard stretches. You'll explore urdhva dhanurasana at the wall and on your mat before winding down with twists, pigeon and gentle forward folds. Props Needed: Two blocks and wall space. Props Suggested: Two additional blocks if you don’t have wall space.
Ready to scream if someone says "downward dog" one more time? Let's shake it up! This fun beginners' sequence will have you feeling blissed from the start. Gain a new perspective with light-hearted poses that aren't so commonly practiced. Bring some playfulness back into your practice and walk away refreshed, invigorated, and perhaps even laughing!
Refocus your aim with a steady sequence that builds to archer pose. Warm up your arms and shoulders, flow through standing poses like half moon that require strength and balance, then take on archer pose, step by step. You'll get a deep stretch throughout your legs and hips, then relax onto your mat for child's pose and savasana.
This core-centering, sense-centering, prana-cultivating sequence will help you build flexibility and staying power. Full of hamstring stretches, lateral hip openers, and forward folds, you'll practice drawing toward your center to find balance through challenge. Open and extend into half moon, padangusthasana, and urdhva konasana, remaining anchored from within. Props Suggested: A strap and a blanket.
Dive into the brilliance of your own inner body as you practice this fluid, meditative sequence. Start by using your breath to fill your container with prana, then utilize that nourishing energy to flow through planes of movement that cover standing poses, forward bends, twists and backbends. Practice moving with grace and ease, building more stamina in your radiant body. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Purusharthas are considered the four aims of life in yogic teachings. Kama, the third of the purushartha series, signifies a desire that aligns you with your life's work (dharma). Explore standing and seated heart-opening poses on the mat, at the wall and with props, to unlock your desires and open up to your dharma. Props Needed: Two blocks and a strap. Props Suggested: Two blankets or a bolster.
Here's a simple sequence you can do every day to strengthen, open and enliven your body. Start with cat and cow movements, then progress into hip stretches, leg work and chest openers. A little vinyasa flow and some strong standing poses will increase heat and tone your body. Finish it off with a twist and a gentle resting pose before gliding on to the rest of your day! Suggested Prop: A block.
Focus on fun throughout a quicksilver sequence packed with interesting twists and turns. This unique series of arm balances and backbends demands stamina, endurance and a penchant for play. Allow this practice to help you absorb more alignment and let go of stress. The end game is to have you walking away feeling strong, renewed and revived.
Wipe the slate clean, no matter what your day has held so far. You'll create a sense of spaciousness and ease by moving slowly and mindfully. There'll be flowing, dynamic movements interspersed with longer holds, for a practice that feels gentle while still being strong. Begin with seated pranayama, flow through crescent poses and light-hearted half moons, then try out some fiery dolphin hop switches. A cozy restorative posture and savasana will round out your practice. Props Suggested: A block, a bolster, and a blanket.
In the fall, as the winds blow, it can make you feel restless and ungrounded. It feels good to hunker down and connect to the earth. With an emphasis on forward bends, low lunges and a couple of inversions, this steady practice is a perfect way to ground yourself. Finish with twists, deep hip openers and a brief savasana. You'll walk away feeling centered, focused and ready for the season ahead. Props Needed: Two blocks.
The energy of fall is one of transformation. Vata, the element of air in yoga teachings, is associated with your intestines and lungs. Practice a sequence of standing poses, twists to encourage detoxification, backbends to help stimulate your lungs and alternate nostril breathing to facilitate balance for vata. Allow this class to bring your body in line with the season of change. Props Needed: A blanket.
Put arm alignment principles into practice by learning as you move. The proper rotation and stacking of your arms is a subtle action that yields big returns in opening your shoulders. This workshop style sequence will reinforce proper arm alignment without sacrificing rhythm or pace. Repeated planks, vashistasana, down dogs and half moon are interspersed throughout to build strength and stamina. Savasana on your own.

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