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Foundational yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

Wipe the slate clean, no matter what your day has held so far. You'll create a sense of spaciousness and ease by moving slowly and mindfully. There'll be flowing, dynamic movements interspersed with longer holds, for a practice that feels gentle while still being strong. Begin with seated pranayama, flow through crescent poses and light-hearted half moons, then try out some fiery dolphin hop switches. A cozy restorative posture and savasana will round out your practice. Props Suggested: A block, a bolster, and a blanket.
In the fall, as the winds blow, it can make you feel restless and ungrounded. It feels good to hunker down and connect to the earth. With an emphasis on forward bends, low lunges and a couple of inversions, this steady practice is a perfect way to ground yourself. Finish with twists, deep hip openers and a brief savasana. You'll walk away feeling centered, focused and ready for the season ahead. Props Needed: Two blocks.
The energy of fall is one of transformation. Vata, the element of air in yoga teachings, is associated with your intestines and lungs. Practice a sequence of standing poses, twists to encourage detoxification, backbends to help stimulate your lungs and alternate nostril breathing to facilitate balance for vata. Allow this class to bring your body in line with the season of change. Props Needed: A blanket.
Put arm alignment principles into practice by learning as you move. The proper rotation and stacking of your arms is a subtle action that yields big returns in opening your shoulders. This workshop style sequence will reinforce proper arm alignment without sacrificing rhythm or pace. Repeated planks, vashistasana, down dogs and half moon are interspersed throughout to build strength and stamina. Savasana on your own.
Wiggle those buns through a quick sequence of back-relieving poses. Bring more ease to your body by opening your hips and lower back. No floor work here! You'll jump right up to your feet and get your lower body moving from the start. A fun practice to clear your mind; help yourself stand, bend and walk better; and shake away tension.
Steady your foundation, so you can greet the present moment with confidence. This brisk flow will focus on the legs, to help you recognize where you currently stand. Warm up with smooth sun salutations, flow through lunges and side angle, then head right into pigeon, hanumanasana and warrior III's. You'll access a neutral space inside, to help you handle anything that's challenging you right now.
Alignment itself is a distraction that forces focus. This practice uses alignment as mantra to create a steady moving meditation. The sequence is comprised of standing and supine poses that include backbends, balance postures, hip openers and quad stretches. Allow yourself to absorb the benefits of this mantra-like quest into poses as your mind becomes more focused.
Give your entire body the royal treatment after a long run. Stretch your calves and thighs, relax your legs and feet, and replenish your energy with this compact class. Sequencing includes hip openers, calf stretches and, finally, a supported restorative pose that both nourishes the legs and opens your chest, lungs and shoulders. Props Needed: Two blankets. Props Suggested: A strap or a belt.
Awaken your body to the full potential of the day! This fluid morning class is designed to open you up and get your blood moving. Find your rhythm with vinyasa flows, open your chest in humble warrior and crescent twist, then get funky with wild thing and fallen triangle. Try out side crane for a little lift, then end with seated forward bends to ground your experience and get you ready for your day. Props Suggested: A blanket or bolster.
A gently-paced sequence designed for the bigger body. But don't let that fool you! This is a dynamic, well-rounded class that will benefit everybody. Enjoy a simple, fun series of poses that includes creative use of a chair, moving through lunges, chair pose, twists and hip openers. One of the benefits you will find is a renewed sense of commitment to your practice. Touching your toes is not required, however putting in your best effort is highly encouraged. Props Needed: A chair.
Stoke your sun salutation fire with this dynamic, yet doable compact sequence. Engage your ujjayi breath and flow through surya namaskars from start to finish, with a dynamic standing warmup and postures that include half moon, warrior II, and extended side angle. Cool down with bridge pose, tuning back into your breath. Conclude with a soothing savasana.
Tap into the subtle energy at your navel, the most fundamental power source in your body. This nourishing sequence is designed to strengthen your structure while creating space to move energy where you need it most. You'll explore standing pose variations, such as warrior II and side angle, open your hips with pigeon and baddha konasana, then bring your practice to a close with bridge and savasana. Discover how your navel center can be a place of both power and rest as you experience the strength of your subtle body.

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