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Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

Climbing is a very asymmetrical activity. Over time, you develop imbalances in flexibility, mobility and balance in your core. The goal of this class is to help identify these imbalances so that you can begin to bring awareness here and begin to strengthen these areas keeping you climbing strong.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Olivia Hsu
It is all too common that core building routines can cause excessive shortness and tightening in your body. Cultivate length and strength in your centrally-located psoas muscle, without creating excessive contraction. Practice a series of poses that can help strengthen and provide more stability for your ilio-lumbar region. As you move through each posture, tune inward and focus on the importance of your psoas muscle throughout your practice. Props Needed: A block, a blanket, a bolster and a strap.
Practice Focus: Core Strength & Psoas
2 60 Tias Little
Healthy shoulders means more days at the crag! Work your shoulders and open up your chest with this sequence that helps with that common climber 'hunching' shoulders effect. Activate your shoulder stabilizing muscles with creative and simple poses that use any available wall space as support. Props Needed: Wall space.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 5 Olivia Hsu
Practice this quick refresher sequence after your run to help your body with enhanced recovery, tissue pliability and tissue hydration. Stretch your achilles, calves, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors all in a compact sequence. Move through a series that includes block-supported lunges and ardha hanumanasana, finishing with a supine twist for your hips and spine, an often overlooked element after a running session. Incorporate this class into your regular conditioning routine. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Cross Train
2 15 Tiffany Cruikshank
The more stable you become, the more efficiently you can move on the rock. Practice a class designed to build strength in your arms and bring more power to your core. Activate your abs with a series of plank push-up variations and downward dog inspired exercises that also help stabilize your shoulders. A great addition to your climbing training regimen, or anytime you need a quick energy jolt.
Practice Focus: Climbing
2 5 Olivia Hsu
Renew the pathways of connection in your upper limbs as you move through a series of weight bearing poses that allow for greater body awareness. Clarify the connections between the differentiated bones of your upper limbs, by focusing on simple arm balances that help create a stronger structure. Build heat with trikonasana and bound side angle, before moving on to arm balances and your choice of inversion. Conclude with a backbend, then a brief savasana. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
2 60 Tara Judelle
Due to the intensity of climbing, your torso has a tendency to get tight where your lats connect to your pelvis and the QL’s. Climbing requires constant body tension through the mid-line that can lead to restricted mobility in both your back and side body. Move through a series of twists and side stretches that help cultivate more freedom in these areas, allowing for more effective and powerful time on the rock.
Practice Focus: Climbing
1 10 Olivia Hsu
The shorter the class, the less time there is to dilly-dally. Get a powerful practice in with this short, full-body sequence. Poses from each major category of postures will be held for a minute to build heat, endurance and focus. The timer is set for sixty second intervals to keep you on point. Ready? Let’s get moving! Props Suggested: A block.
2-3 10 Marc Holzman
Not all roads lead to big backbends! Fire up your lower back through to your upper back with this flow that uses salabhasana and variations to activate your muscles. Prime your body with a supine warm-up before engaging your posterior chain while also lengthening in the process. Refine your upper back muscles and open up your chest with locust inspired poses, concluding with a simple forward fold. Props Needed: Two blocks
Practice Focus: Back
1-2 15 Dice Iida-Klein
Create a greater sense of internal space through a dynamic sequence of standing, supine and seated twists. Focus on both stability and mobility for your sacrum, hips and shoulders. Move through sun salutations before progressing into a fluid series of twists that include parivrtta paschimottanasana and prasarita padottanasana variations. Close physical practice with seated poses and soothing forward folds. Savasana, alternate nostril breathing and meditation allows you to access profound peace and freedom.
Practice Focus: Twists
2 90 Rod Stryker
From standing to using the chair, this gently paced sequence will be turning up your internal warmth and energy. This series of poses will have you quickening your breath without leaving you breathless. Target your abdominals and core stability with strengthening holds and movements like virabhadrasana III and plank, supported by a chair. Build functional strength, as well as release energy, that will leave you better able to quiet your mind for optimal efficiency. Props Needed: A chair and a blanket.
1-2 30 Alex van Frank
Pay attention to what you pay attention to. In the context of practice, pay becomes profit when you pay attention to alignment. How many times do you tune the instructions out as you tune into other thoughts? Invest in yourself with this full spectrum practice that encourages self observation. Warm up with a dynamic plank and core strengthening sequence, moving on to hip openers, eka pada bhekasana and an invigorating backbend series. Props Suggested: A strap, a block and a blanket.
2 30 Darren Rhodes

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