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Hatha Yoga is often slower moving than a Vinyasa Yoga practice but it can be challenging, stimulating or soft, depending on the circumstances. The integration of breath while holding poses for long periods of time with intention and relaxation comprise this branch of practice that encompasses and integrates many forms.

If you often find yourself hunching, straining your neck or doing repetitive movements, this may be your perfect class. Help decrease upper and mid back tension with this sequence of poses designed to increase mobility and fluidity. By supportively reversing the hunched over position and opening your shoulders, you can lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the upper back and chest to help you become straighter and stronger. Props Needed: Wall space.
Bring fluidity and ease to your hips and low back in order to rejuvenate your kidneys. After a slow warm up on your back, you’ll create space and length with hip openers and twists, as the class builds in intensity toward half lotus position. Props Needed: A strap. Props Suggested: A block, bolster and blanket.
When driving, do you go the speed limit? Consider the calm you feel knowing you're not pushing that radar. When practicing, it's easy to break the "stretch limit," so to speak. This sequence encourages you to find strength in going a few miles under your limit. Warm up with lunges and powerful pose, moving on to activating core work and bowing sage. Slow down with savasana, to soak in the effects of your practice.
Clear out doubt and fear to create space to welcome in self-love. Start with gentle breathing, then move into an easeful flow with lunges, quad stretches, and side angle variations. Find courage in your practice as you try out new versions of classic poses, leaving time for several breaths in each pose. This practice will bring you closer to yourself and deepen your feelings of self-worth.
The conscious clay of your body moves your bones into an astonishing array of shapes that paint a moving meditation. Explore these different shapes as you practice a sequence that warms up with surya namaskars, modified lizard and garudasana (eagle). Dance through space as you move into ardha chandrasana (half moon), revolved side angle and arm balances like side crane. Be inspired by your own body and make poetry with your practice. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Take a moment to connect with your hands, feet and heart through five fundamental asanas that are held for one minute each. These fluid, opening movements will have you feeling great in a short space of time.
Feeling obligated to practice is no fun. So, what can be fun? Asking yourself, "what if?" Pose this question to yourself and become interested in finding out how it may impact your life. Move through an assortment of lunge postures, belly down backbending, standing poses, arm balances and forward folds. Strengthen and stretch with poses like upward bow and parsvottanasana III. Enjoy this compact sequence and walk away feeling more empowered. Props Suggested: A strap, a block and a blanket.
As climbers we often develop imbalances in flexibility and mobility in the legs. The goal of this class is to help identify these imbalances so you can keep yourself climbing strong. Hold each pose for five breaths as you address your overworked arms to help reduce tightness. Props Needed: A strap.
From the core in your abdomen to the core lines in your body, use each posture to find and refine where you stand in your own being. Move through an activating sequence of standing postures, forward bends, hip openers and engaging core work, then seal your practice in with savasana. Feel more empowered, allowing for a clearer sense of self and the inspiration to stand tall and stay open in the face of challenges.
Reciprocity is the balance between influence and action. In this slow, fluid practice, experience the rebound of the earth through the structure of your body. Find constant support and renewal in tree pose, high lunge and a standing flow. You'll practice longer holds in hip openers, seated forward bends and shoulder stand, delivering you into a balanced state of giving and receiving. Props Suggested: One or two blankets.
Use this practice to ground down and experience the sensation of your body pushing into the floor, and the floor rising up to meet your body. Feel your strong legs and feet throughout steady, accessible standing poses, lunges and side bends. Press down as you lift up through your heart, then soften into a final savasana.
In the four aims of life (purusharthas), freedom (moksha) is considered to be the pinnacle. In your body/mind, you experience this when you feel safe and grounded. You also experience the revelation of freedom after feeling bound. Here, practice a series of standing postures while grounding through your bones, with a solid dose of challenging bound poses for good measure. Within limitations, there's great expansion.

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