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Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. This is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. Progressive techniques of breath, posture and movement, cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. A deeper experience of the self becomes possible through consistent practice. The Ashtanga yoga practices offered here on YogaGlo will guide you through the traditional Ashtanga series with occasional variations to help you grow your practice.

Adjusting your abdominal wall throughout the movements of inhaling and exhaling is a fine art that gives a sense of freedom and ease. Practice pranayama techniques that bring your attention to your navel, which is considered the first station of awakening as prana moves up your body. By learning to focus your attention under the pot of your belly (mula bandha), this potent way of breathing gives a radiant feeling throughout your whole being.
Practice Focus: Breath & Bandhas
2-3 20 Richard Freeman
The proper use of your shoulder blades will give you an automatic sense of nobility and clarity, a sweet and easily attainable secret of alignment. Learn the anatomy of your shoulder blades through a series of asanas that will increase the pattern of strength in your arms and free your neck and head from any mechanical stress in postures.
Practice Focus: Shoulders
1-2 60 Richard Freeman
Work on opening your hips to develop a comfortable seat from which you can blossom this autumn. Flow through a progressive hip-opening sequence to prepare you to play in lotus position. Warm up with sun salutations before moving into twists and many variations of hip releasers, concluding with a full lotus in shoulder stand.
Practice Focus: Seasonal
2 20 Jodi Blumstein
Serpentine movements help us move in whole body patterns, awakening every section of the body in relation to the central axis. In this class, follow a consistent natural flow of postures, working with wave patterns of movement and breath. Facilitate a feeling of openness, elongation and strength in the entire spine, and activate the internal energy and organic rhythms of intelligence that keep our movements integrated and well-aligned.
Practice Focus: Spine
2 45 Mary Taylor
When you're feeling a bit down, the powerful effect your practice can have is remarkable. By moving in tune with your breath you become embodied and your perspective shifts, affecting not only your mood, but your mind becomes alert and present. Work your way from a gentle warm-up through a more intense, faster-paced sequence that grounds your core, so that you can work from your heart, to find a sense of openness and calm. Props Needed: Two blocks, a bolster and a blanket.
1-2 60 Mary Taylor
To feel really grounded and clear, it is important to find balance. Compare and contrast standing and arm balancing postures that teach focus, dialectical toning and the ability to let go. Explore the step-by-step movements and techniques to gradually improve integrated and strong balancing poses. Work playfully and experimentally to find the balance point - where you are right now - as you cultivate and embody a sense of equanimity.
2 45 Multi-teacher
Arm balances are generally thought to be an advanced practice which requires strength. Learn fundamentals of arm balancing and see how you can achieve some of these dynamic poses utilizing a different mindset. Use vinyasas to get warm, then focus on isolating your bandhas and review building blocks for arm balance postures like bhujapidasana and ashtavakrasana. Gain a firm understanding on how to approach these often challenging postures with a fresh perspective.
Practice Focus: Arm Balances
2 45 Jodi Blumstein
When opening your hips, there are so many factors that impact flexibility, from muscles to ligaments to individual shape of your bones. In this class, explore four families of poses that demonstrate the different ways in which your hips move. Flow in sync with your breath and work your hips from various perspectives as a good way to impact lasting, postive change. Practice this sequence consistently and feel your transformation.
Practice Focus: Hips & Hip Opener
2 10 Mary Taylor
The classical series end with the mahamudra practice just before the final pranayama and sitting practice. It is potentially a very deep and relaxing concentration on the internal forms, however, students can experience it as uncomfortable. Working with breath and subtle inner forms, mahamudra can be transformed and prepare you for effortless meditation. Discover the movements of this powerful posture so that it is capable of stimulating the reflexes between your palate and pelvic floor.
Practice Focus: Breath
2 15 Richard Freeman
Connecting to your core as a cohesive pattern of sensation reaching from your pelvic floor, all the way up the central channel to your heart and head, allows you to drop in deeply to your postures. Practice a steady sequence of postures from the traditional ashtanga vinyasa system. Emphasize the sensation of connectedness along your midline, exploring how your bandhas provide a base for linking core movements of strength and stability. Props Needed: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Core Strength
2-3 60 Mary Taylor
Explore the intelligent toning of your pelvic floor in its relationship to the movement and stability of your hip joints. The four corners of your pelvic floor effect the rotations of your legs in amazing ways that correspond to alignment all along the central axis of your body. Selected poses from the primary series will be examined, and the varieties of movements within each pose will be explored. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
Practice Focus: Bandhas & Hips
2 60 Richard Freeman
The full second series has three important components: deep backbends, deep forward bends and strength poses. Go on a short and sweet tour of this amazing series that will revitalize your energy anytime of day. Sequencing includes a highly stimulating set of parsvakonasana, twists, eka pada sirsasana and challenging arm balances between floating vinyasas. Settle your energy with seated postures, tuning inward on your breath, concluding with a well-earned savasana.
2-3 30 Jodi Blumstein

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