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Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as taught Sri K. Pattabhi Jois is a system of postures linked together by breath and movement. This is an ancient and powerful discipline for cultivating physical, mental and spiritual health. Progressive techniques of breath, posture and movement, cleanse, stretch and strengthen the body as well as focus and calm the mind. A deeper experience of the self becomes possible through consistent practice. The Ashtanga yoga practices offered here on YogaGlo will guide you through the traditional Ashtanga series with occasional variations to help you grow your practice.

This one is for you, beginners! Ashtanga yoga is the original vinyasa tradition. Today, you'll learn a flowing practice that will challenge your ability to stay focused on your breath. Move continuously through a strong and accessible sequence that introduces sun salutations, standing postures and sitting postures, including forward bends and twists. Finish with an introduction to headstand (no actual headstands yet!) that will help you build a strong foundation for your future practice.
1 60 Jodi Blumstein
Explore movements that reveal an expansive, even liberating feeling as you practice backbends from simple upward dog to more advanced poses such as eka pada rajakapotasana (one-legged king pigeon). Working intelligently on the wave of your breath, find the edge of sensation that keeps you safe and strong. Simplify backbends by exploring them as movements that incorporate your shoulders, spine, pelvic floor, quads and hamstrings. Work these muscle groups in a flowing form for deeply satisfying backbends. Props Needed: A block and a strap.
Practice Focus: Backbends
2-3 30 Mary Taylor
Downward dog is truly man's best friend! Especially when you discover the no-longer-secret internal movements that make this pose a meditation on your central channel. Learn correct shoulder, spine and head movement as you explore different ways of approaching adho mukha svanasana to feel its many levels of concentration. Postures that compliment and enhance downward dog will be tied into the vinyasa movements in and out of the pose.
2 60 Richard Freeman
Begin with sun salutations and standing poses to warm up, then delve into a thorough exploration of the peak and post-peak poses of the Primary Series, with many options to modify. There will be an introduction to arm balancing, deep hip work, and an examination of how your core relates to your sense of movement and body positioning. These are basic skills which, once established, may be applied throughout your practice.
2 45 Jodi Blumstein
Wake up and have a great day! Start your morning by bringing your awareness to the patterns of feeling, thought and sensation that are arising in your experience, so that you can respond appropriately. Move into a simple and steady flow of postures that will give you a feeling of calm and balance. Make this part of your daily routine for a superb start to every day!
1-2 30 Mary Taylor
Work on opening your hips to develop a comfortable seat from which you can blossom this autumn. Flow through a progressive hip-opening sequence to prepare you to play in lotus position. Warm up with sun salutations before moving into twists and many variations of hip releasers, concluding with a full lotus in shoulder stand.
Practice Focus: Seasonal
2 20 Jodi Blumstein
When opening your hips, there are so many factors that impact flexibility, from muscles to ligaments to individual shape of your bones. In this class, explore four families of poses that demonstrate the different ways in which your hips move. Flow in sync with your breath and work your hips from various perspectives as a good way to impact lasting, postive change. Practice this sequence consistently and feel your transformation.
Practice Focus: Hips & Hip Opener
2 10 Mary Taylor
The full second series has three important components: deep backbends, deep forward bends and strength poses. Go on a short and sweet tour of this amazing series that will revitalize your energy anytime of day. Sequencing includes a highly stimulating set of parsvakonasana, twists, eka pada sirsasana and challenging arm balances between floating vinyasas. Settle your energy with seated postures, tuning inward on your breath, concluding with a well-earned savasana.
2-3 30 Jodi Blumstein
It is far too common to carry around stress in your shoulders, neck and jaw in the face of everyday life. Tension in these areas of the body can result not only in stiffness, but also contribute to perceiving the world through stressful eyes. By loosening, lengthening and releasing your upper body, you can relieve the fatigue and difficulties you may be carrying around with you. Remember to have fun with your practice in the mean time! Props Needed: A block. Props Suggested: A blanket.
Practice Focus: Neck
1-2 20 Mary Taylor
Move powerfully with this flow class designed to increase your energy in the middle of the day. Warm up with sun salutations, getting energy flowing through your hips and shoulders in standing poses and accessible backbends. Close with a headstand or dolphin to restore balance, spending a few minutes sitting still before getting back to your daily business. A stimulating practice that can be done anytime you need a boost and is best before your big meal.
Practice Focus: Energy
2 15 Jodi Blumstein
Beginner students, take heart! You want to start yoga, but don't know how to begin? Start where you are with a simple sequence of movements, just a few minutes a day. Learn a basic sun salutation and be introduced to the idea of moving in time with your breath. With consistent effort like this, your practice builds. Try this routine every day for a week and see what happens. But be careful--you might like it!
Practice Focus: Beginner
1 5 Mary Taylor
With Ashtanga yoga, you have access to an ancient teaching of movement, breath and energy that can be applied in the modern world. Appreciate the fundamentals with this primary series practice that brings in the traditional elements of chanting, breath, bandhas and drishti (focus). Move through a vigorous series of postures that flows from standing poses to twists, navasana and deep forward folds. Jump into arm balancing, halasana and backbends, concluding with meditative pranayama.
2 60 Jodi Blumstein

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