Looking to gain greater flexibility? These programs are specifically designed to twist, bend and stretch your body while working on major muscle groups such as hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders. Whether your focus is to release body tension, gain greater range of motion or be less susceptible to injuries, this program will help you be and feel more flexible.
Level 2

9 Classes

Between 5-60 mins
Level 2
classes per week

Week 1

Try this practice when you've been sitting a lot. Whether your chair time is due to work or travel, you'll move a little in every direction to unwind and rejuvenate yourself, body and mind. Move slow and in rhythm with your breath as you open through your hips and hamstrings. Build strength in your legs and side body to complete this very complete but brief practice.
Yogis looking to open their hamstrings in a time crunch should look no further. Using 5 breaths in each asana, we open up the low back, hamstrings and calves. Props Needed: A blanket. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
You've got nothing to lose, plenty to give and the end result is all glow. An option for tri pod headstand is snuck in there for a quickie inversion. Includes several opportunities to take asanas a bit deeper. Props Needed: Two blocks and a blanket.

Week 2

Doing a pose more than once can enhance a deeper understanding of your body and how it changes from pose to pose. Mindfully move slowly through a brief meditation and then into a warm up of downward dog and push ups on your knees. A series of standing poses will continue to build your strength and flexibility. Finish with hip openers, backbends and twists. Observe how your body changes as you repeat.
To cultivate fluidity and grace, flexibility and a liberated range of motion are essential. Lengthen and release the often tight and bound up places within your body with longer, yin-style holds. The sequence works to decompress and bring space into your hips, shoulders and spine. Savasanas are sprinkled throughout and you will leave your mat feeling open and relaxed. Props Needed: A bolster, one or two blocks and a strap.
The outer hips and hamstrings are strong muscles that often require additional attention. This practice provides a balanced, effective way to release tension in these muscle groups. For those of you that struggle with these regions, this sequence will provide you with a regular supplement to return to time and time again. Challenge yourself to repeat it a few times each week for a month or two and see what a difference 20 minutes can make. Prop Needed: A strap. Prop Suggested: A block.

Week 3

You like your yang! You want vinyasa heat, handstands and arm balances, and you haven't quite caught the Yin bug. Sound like you? If you're a card carrying "Yangster," get ready for 2 minute holds in poses such as sleeping swan, anahatasana and twisting child's pose; chosen to give you a full body "stretch" while awakening your body's meridian lines. Warning: you may like it.
This creative steady flow will take you on a hip and hamstring opening adventure. How to open up? Tone and strengthen the hips and quads first followed by juicy stretches. Short on time but still want the feeling of the yoga buzz? Look no further. You have arrived. Props needed: A Blanket. Optional props: Strap, Two Blocks
If the torso is a river, in yoga we aim to widen its banks in order to create space and slow down the sometimes torrential flow of stress. Stretch and release your waist, ribs and side trunk through side bending postures. Start slowly with soft internal work then build in intensity and complexity. Props Needed: A blanket and a strap.
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