Love practicing at your local studio, but your schedule or budget won’t always allow it? This program was designed to give you the depth of a studio class, with all the flexibility of practicing at home. Featuring strong, well-rounded sequences from three master teachers, you’ll always have a class that you can reliably turn to, just like at your favorite studio. Returning to your mat consistently is the key to progressing your practice. Use this program to keep up a regular routine, and recreate the studio experience wherever you are.
Level 2

3 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 60 min
Level 2
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Week 1

This is your go-to class when you're craving a good sweat. Begin by warming up your wrists and shoulders, then dive into a challenging flow that will test your balance, focus and stamina. You'll strengthen and open up all sides of your body with lunge and pyramid variations, handstand and dolphin work, parivrtta padangusthasana and curtsy squats, with modifications offered throughout. Cool back down with hip openers, then reap the benefits of the hard work you’ve done with a restful savasana.
Counteract the negative effects of sitting and hunching after a long day of work. Unlike many vinyasa classes, which contain more forward bending than backbending, this class will focus on stretching your front body and strengthening your back body. You'll flow through poses that create flexibility in your quadriceps, hips and shoulders, while strengthening your hamstrings, glutes and back. Backbends such as wheel and viparita dandasana will be emphasized throughout, providing the perfect antidote to the stresses of your day.
If you're after that incredible post-class glow, this dynamic, well-rounded practice will leave you feeling expanded and radiant. Clear your mind and reset your energy with a steady, chest-opening flow that will circulate prana throughout your body. Begin with rejuvenating seated breathwork, then move fluidly through a lively sequence including backbends like camel and bow. You'll conclude with a seated breath meditation before surrendering into savasana. Props Suggested: A block.
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