Get your morning started with energy and enthusiasm, whether you’re an avid early bird or a snooze button devotee. This program will help you create an upbeat morning routine that sets you up for your happiest day. You’ll ease yourself awake with gentle movement, then power up your body with an invigorating flow. Expect to sweat, get some air time, and feel energized from head to toe! Each class will conclude with a few restorative postures and a daily mantra to center your body and mind for a purposeful day ahead.
Level 2-3

6 Classes

Vinyasa Flow
Classes are 30 min
Level 2-3
classes per week
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Week 1

Draw yourself away from your bed, both physically and mentally, with some intentional morning movement. Begin with a warmup of standing stretches, then flow through simple lunge variations before picking up the pace with some active vinyasas. Class includes an arm balance and handstand hops if you're feeling awake enough. You'll conclude by setting a sweet intention for your day before taking off for what lies ahead of you. Props Suggested: A block.
Greet the new day with a similar standing warmup and lunging flows with a few more twists. You'll work out your hips and hamstrings, play with balance in eagle pose, then cool down in gomukhasana. Your hips and glutes will definitely be feeling this one! End your practice seated and create a morning intention that will set you up for a beautiful day. Props Suggested: A block.
Welcome yourself back to your mat with a new warm up routine that builds into surya namaskar A's and B's. The pace will be slower, but the sequencing strong as you work half moons and chapasana, and play with baby crow. Wind things down then take a comfy seat to settle into your intention for the day. Props Suggested: A block.

Week 2

Time to take your morning routine up a notch! Start to fire up your core after a short morning stretch, then open up your shoulders and chest. You'll pick up the pace with surya B variations, float through crow pose, and work on some binds in side angle. Chill out in pigeon for a while, then set an intention to move about your day feeling joyful and calm. Props Suggested: A block.
Have some fun while waking up your core to power your day! Begin to create heat with navasana variations, then stretch out your hips and hamstrings and get ready to engage that core. Using blocks if you have them, practice a few poses that push down in order to lift your tush up, like eka hasta bhujasana and tolasana variations. You'll build strength, get a little sweaty, and set an intention to be ready for whatever comes your way. Props Suggested: Two blocks.
This may be your final class, but it doesn't have to be the end of your new morning routine. Today's practice will have you moving and flowing through many of the poses that you've learned throughout the program. Working from head to toe, you'll get fired up, go upside down in headstand, then enjoy a nice cool down. Feel your spirits fly through the roof as you weave all the parts and pieces together.
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