Active moms-to-be—this program was designed with you in mind! Satisfy your craving for a challenging workout with a practice that can support you through all three trimesters. You’ll focus on building strength without overstretching, while enjoying the way it feels to just get moving. These practices can be repeated regularly throughout your pregnancy, to help prepare your body for labor and beyond. Pregnancy is a time to feel empowered. Stay confident and strong throughout this journey, so you can appreciate all the exciting changes to come.
Level 2

3 Classes

Classes are 30 min
Level 2
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Week 1

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't take on a challenging workout. Embrace the changes your body is going through while remaining strong and confident. Move through a powerful sequence that includes malasana and bird dog. You'll focus on hugging your baby towards your spine to keep your core engaged. Props Suggested: A block or blanket.
As your belly grows, balance can become an increasing challenge. Learn to tap into your core strength to find your equilibrium as you flow. You'll work on creating strength and stability throughout a steady sequence including plank variations, chaturanga push-ups and goddess squats, then take your final moments to connect with your baby. Props Suggested: A block or blanket.
Staying in shape during your pregnancy can help you bounce back more quickly. This final class will open and strengthen your body to prepare for the experiences of labor, delivery and recovery. Flow through a strong, hip-opening sequence that includes goddess squats and pigeon. You should be proud of all the effort you've put in, for yourself and your growing baby. Props Suggested: Two blocks and a blanket.
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