Want to get stronger? These programs are specifically designed to give you a balanced workout to condition muscles for increased strength and stamina, while propelling your body through a fuller range of motion. Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase tone or build more muscle, completing this program will help you be and feel stronger.
Level 2-3

9 Classes

Between 10-60 mins
Level 2-3
classes per week

Week 1

Focus on drawing prana into your core, getting yourself ready for whatever your day may present. Work your way through creative variations on sun salutations. The ancients tell us, yoga begins in the navel, therefore, this is a great way to begin your day. This makes a great 40 day practice to gain strength and stamina, to revitalize your core and bring in the energy of manifestation.
Explore the power in your shoulder girdle via the waves of vinyasa, coupled with strong arm movements like garudasana and vasisthasana with arm circles. Tap into your strength as you go from malasana into bakasana and maybe even press up to handstand. Connect to the support in your deep back and core muscles to expand the strength of your wingspan. Empower your practice to float and soar. Conclude with a brief savasana.
The legs are a miraculous power house of strong muscles, connective tissues, bones, and joints. This flow will work to strengthen each muscular group in the legs by focusing on deep fire and balance, then release into a smooth set of stretches. Skip the gym, and spend Leg Day right here. Props Needed: Two blocks, a strap and wall space.

Week 2

Hit all of the major pose families in a short amount of time. No long holds, just moving with your breath and letting the practice take over.
This continuous, rhythmic flow practice focuses on developing strength through precise, repetitive movements. You will focus all the major muscle groups of the body including the legs, hips, spine and shoulders. If you're sitting there thinking, "damn, I need to get into shape," this is a good place to start.
A wicked hardcore blast for your core. Start with the deepest layer of abdominal musculature and work outward. Start in plank with variations of lowering your knees. You will need two small towels on a wood floor. If no wood floor is available then you can do mountain climbers instead. Finishing with kapalabhati breath. Props Suggested: Two towels and hardwood floor.

Week 3

I don't teach fast classes, but this one is strong and continuous. Minimal instruction, continuous motion punctuated by a few longer holds and several key arm-balances. Class includes starting in handstand, plenty of standing posture transitions, inversion variations and a savasana that you'll never want to end. Props Suggested: Wall space.
This sequence focuses on strengthening and toning while maintaining flexibility and balance in your body. Less talking and more doing for when your yoga is also your workout.
Bhujapidasana (shoulder pressure pose) is a tough pose by itself. Trying to jump from downward facing dog into bhujapidasana is even crazier! We first warm up the inner groins, hamstrings and hips via prasarita padotanasana (wide-legged standing fold), variations of malasana (garland pose) and lizard lunge variations. From there we use a blanket to begin to feel what it's like to use our core to slow our jump down from downdog to our hands. A few different exercises are given on how to end up around the hands with your knees on your shoulders. This is a hard one my fellow yogis!
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